Why i want to be an army officer essay example

Why do you want to be an army officer essay?

Learning new skills and being challenged are things that I take pleasure in. Becoming a Commissioned Officer would allow me to apply my knowledge and experience to the operations side of the Army . The Army will extremely benefit from my ambition and determination.

Why do I want to become an army officer?

I also desire to commission as an army officer because I believe that I have demonstrated my ability as a person who can lead, accept responsibilities, and adapt to an ever-changing organization and world. These are all positive traits and values that everyone one should possess when serving ones country as an officer .

What should I do to become an army officer?

Eligibility to become Army Officer The candidates who have completed Class 12 can apply for National Defence Academy (NDA). The minimum age required to apply for NDA is 16.5 to 19.5 years. NDA conducts written exam for the training courses twice a year.

Why do you want to join the airforce essay?

One of the reasons I want to join the Air Force is to enhance my ability to lead, serve and help people. I feel that joining the Air Force , through goal oriented training and education, would strengthen my ability to both lead and help individuals.

Which subject is best for Army?

So it is preferable that you take Physics, Chemistry and Maths (PCM) in 12th class. Though army has no stipulation of these subjects as long as you can clear NDA. Navy and Airforce require the candidates to be from PCM stream. If you want to join after 12th class that means you will have to clear UPSC exam for NDA.

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What it means to be an army officer?

First and foremost, an Army officer is a leader. The officer plans the work of the organization, assigns tasks to subordinates, and sees that the work is accomplished to the highest standard. In that regard, an Army officer is similar to a manager in a corporation.

What degrees does the Army want?

Find out which degree is right for you Strategic Intelligence. Criminal Justice. Management Information Systems (MIS) Political Science. Healthcare – Nursing, Biology, Radiology. Philosophy. Psychology. Theology ( military chaplains)

Is being an Army officer worth it?

If your plan is to join the military and you have a college degree, it is definately worth it . Officers make a lot more money than an enlisted person. They are also treated much better.

Is it better to enlist or become an officer?

Enlisted personnel have specialties within the Military. After you enlist , you may work toward a college degree and strive to become an officer , if you wish. The top rank that can be earned for initial enlistment is E-3. You may opt to earn a college degree first, then join as an officer .

How long is army officer training?


Is it hard to become an army officer?

Officer candidate school itself is not terribly difficult and it’s incredibly short (12 weeks). It’s like basic over again, but with more emphasis on leadership. Failure rate varies, but it is generally low and requires significant demonstrations of poor judgment or physical inability.

How can a girl become an army officer?

Eligibility in Indian Army for Female : A woman must at least be a graduate to apply. At present, women are commissioned as the short service commissioned officers from the officers ‘ training academy in Chennai and can serve up to a maximum of 14 years.

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Why do you want to be an officer?

Here are a few ideas for what you might plan to do on the job to show that you have good intentions as a police officer : Lower crime rates in the community. Help people build trust and respect for the police. Treat people of all backgrounds fairly.

Why do you want to join Air Force?

So it is a job full of adventure, pride and satisfaction. Adventure on the go: The number of adventure sports you can do, when in Air Force , is countless. Paragliding, skydiving, car rally, rafting are just a few names, the list is long. In no other job you ‘ll get a chance to enjoy all of this.

Why should you join the Air Force?

Service in the Air Force includes good pay and a full package of benefits that offer an excellent quality of life. Joining the Air Force is a life-changing decision. Airmen do meaningful work in the service of our country, enjoy a close-knit community and embrace a global lifestyle.