Discourse community essay examples

What is a discourse community essay?

A discourse community is group, club, organization, etc. that share common values and goals and communicates using some form of writing.

What are some examples of discourse communities?

Examples include chemistry reports, personal narratives, hip hop music, emails, etc. Genres of The Plastics? “A discourse community has acquired some specific lexis.”

What are the 6 characteristics of a discourse community?

He outlined six characteristics of discourse communities: 1) common public goals; 2) methods of communicating among members; 3) participatory communication methods ; 4) genres that define the group; 5) a lexis; and 6) a standard of knowledge needed for membership (Swales, 471-473).

Is a sports team a discourse community?

Coaches working on an athletic team are an example of a discourse community ; the behavior expected from coaches must adheres to Swale’s six defining characteristics of a discourse communities . Discourse communities must have: A broadly agreed set of common public goals.

How do you identify a discourse community?

A discourse community : has a broadly agreed set of common public goals; has mechanisms of intercommunication among its members; uses its participatory mechanisms to provide information and feedback; utilises and hence possesses one or more GENRES in the communicative furtherance of its aims;

What is the purpose of a discourse community?

A discourse community is a group of people who share a set of discourses , understood as basic values and assumptions, and ways of communicating about those goals . Linguist John Swales defined discourse communities as “groups that have goals or purposes , and use communication to achieve these goals .”

Is family a discourse community?

Untitled 1. A discourse community is a social group that communicates, in part, using written texts, but also shares common goals, values, writing standards, specialized vocabulary, and specialized genres. Family , church, and school are part of my variety of discourse communities which I am part of.

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What are the types of discourse?

Types of Discourse While every act of communication can count as an example of discourse , some scholars have broken discourse down into four primary types : argument, narration, description, and exposition. Many acts of communicate include more than one of these types in quick succession.

Is Instagram a discourse community?

Do you have a Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram ? They all have their own discourse communities . Of course, by just saying something is a community it implies that members must gain access to it in some way.

Is church a discourse community?

Discourse community . The goals of attending church are to attain happiness and understanding through faith. Church is based on values of ethics and morals in learning to trust god and have faith.

Is Facebook a discourse community?

Facebook is a discourse community ; this community uses a variety of social media to keep people informed about what is going on a daily basis. An individual may write a “post” so that the community can see it or they can post it in another individuals’ “wall”.

Is nursing a discourse community?

Nurses utilize many genres to interact amongst each other and others. Nursing is a very complex discourse community which means if you not a member of this profession, it will be difficult to understand the lexis or goals in which they all follow.