Where does wv rank in education

What rank is West Virginia in education?

West Virginia Rankings

Health Care #48
Education #44
Economy #50
Infrastructure #50
Opportunity #30

What state is ranked 50 in education?

Education Rankings

Rank State Higher Education
47 Alaska Alaska 36
48 Louisiana Louisiana 49
49 New Mexico New Mexico 29
50 Alabama Alabama 47

Which state is the lowest in education?


Does West Virginia have good schools?

Ohio County Schools is the best school district in West Virginia . Completing West Virginia’s top five is Greenbrier County Schools , which serves 4,822 students across fourteen schools . The district is the 2nd largest in the state, geographically, and boasts a 92.5% attendance rate.

What is the poorest town in WV?


Is West Virginia a good state to live in?

On a very good note, West Virginia is known widely for its low cost of living and beautiful scenery—considered by many to be somewhat of a hidden gem, or even a paradise. If you’re an outdoorsy type, this just might be your dream state .

Where does US rank in education?

The United States stays on top, as number one, in the Education Ranking in The 2020 Best Countries Report, a ranking and analysis project by U.S. News & World Report, BAV Group, and the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

Which state is ranked last in education?

While Massachusetts topped the list, Alabama and New Mexico ranked the lowest.

What is the most educated state?


What is the stupidest state in America?

Top 10 “dumbest” states in the US (in order): Mississippi . Alabama. Florida. South Carolina. West Virginia. Louisiana. North Carolina. Arizona.

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What state has the highest illiteracy rate?

South Dakota has the fifth- highest literacy rate of 93.0%, with 7.0% of adults lacking basic prose literacy skills. South Dakota has 16.4 public libraries per 100,000 residents, the fifth- highest in the country. US Literacy Rates by State 2020.

State Literacy Rate
Colorado 90.10%
Massachusetts 90.10%
Washington 90.20%
Utah 90.60%

What are the top 10 states for education?

The top 10 states for the best education based on this report were: Massachusetts . New Jersey . Utah. New Hampshire . Iowa. Washington. Florida. Vermont .

Where should I live in West Virginia?

Best Places to Live in West Virginia Bridgeport. Hurricane. Vienna. Dunbar. Morgantown. Nitro. South Charleston. New Martinsville.

What is the best high school in West Virginia?

West Virginia High School Rankings

School Ranking (2019 vs 2018)
Rank School Average Standard Score (2019)
1 George Washington High School 99.8
2 Bridgeport High School 99.3
3 Van Junior/ Senior High School 99.2

What is the biggest high school in West Virginia?

Cabell Midland High School