Where does north carolina rank in education

Where does NC rank in education?

Main Findings

Overall Rank (1 = Best) State Total Score
30 North Carolina 51.00
31 Hawaii 48.22
32 Ohio 48.01
33 Michigan 47.50

Which county in NC has the best schools?

Here the top 50 from the list of top school districts in North Carolina as ranked by Niche.com: Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools . Polk County Schools . Union County Public Schools . Elkin City Schools . Asheville City Schools . Dare County Schools . Carteret County Public Schools . Mooresville Graded School District.

Where do states rank in education?

Massachusetts is the top state for education . It’s followed by New Jersey, Florida, Washington and New Hampshire to round out the top five.

Which state is the lowest in education?


What is the most dangerous city in NC?

The FBI has just released their Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) data for 2019, and one city in North Carolina stands out as one of the worst in the nation for violent crime. Goldsboro, NC has a violent crime rate of 10.84 per 1,000 residents, compared to 3.72 per 1,000 residents for the entire state.

Is North Carolina a poor state?

The data finds that last year, 1.4 million North Carolinians lived in poverty, making North Carolina the state with the 15th highest poverty rate. The poverty rate for children was significantly higher. In 2018, 19.7 percent, or nearly 1 in 5 kids in North Carolina , lived in poverty.

What is the best town to live in North Carolina?

Here are the top places to live in North Carolina in 2020 Raleigh . Affordability: 9 out of 10. Culture: 9 out of 10. Charlotte . Affordability: 10 out of 10. Culture: 8 out of 10. Durham . Affordability: 8 out of 10. Asheville . Affordability: 5 out of 10. Greensboro . Affordability: 7 out of 10. Wilmington. Affordability: 6 out of 10.

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What is the best high school in North Carolina?

Top High Schools in North Carolina

Rank School Name Grades Served
1 Nesbitt Discovery Academy 9-12
2 Raleigh Charter High School 9-12
3 Woods Charter School K-12
4 Research Triangle High School 9-12

What is the largest high school in North Carolina?

Ardrey Kell High School

Which country is #1 in education?


Which state has the hardest education system?


What states pay the most for teachers?

Here are the 10 states with the highest teacher pay: New York ($83,585) California ($81,126) Massachusetts ($79,710) Connecticut ($73,113) New Jersey ($69,917) Maryland ($69,671) Pennsylvania ($67,398) Rhode Island ($66,758)

What is the stupidest state in America?

Top 10 “dumbest” states in the US (in order): Mississippi . Alabama. Florida. South Carolina. West Virginia. Louisiana. North Carolina. Arizona.

What are the top 10 states for education?

The top 10 states for the best education based on this report were: Massachusetts . New Jersey . Utah. New Hampshire . Iowa. Washington. Florida. Vermont .

What is the most educated state?