What does cld stand for in education

What does CLD stand for?


Acronym Definition
CLD Cloud
CLD Cholesterol-Lowering Drug
CLD Cleared
CLD Chronic Lung Disease

What does DLT stand for in education?

DLT in Education

DLT Distance Learning Technology
DLT Dental Laboratory Technology College, Medical, Technician
DLT Digital Learning Team School , Forum, Technology
DLT Distance Learning Telemedicine Program, Business, Grant
DLT Distributed Language Translation Technology, Cognitive Science, Computing

What is the abbreviation for educational?

Abbreviation for Educational

Educn Educational
educ. educational
educ educational
educ. Educational
Eductl Educational

What does Els mean in education?

Education, Learning and Skills

Can cld be cured?

CIRRHOSIS CLD TREATMENT. All patients with cirrhosis can benefit from certain lifestyle changes, including: Stop drinking alcohol. Limit salt in the diet.

Is CLD and cirrhosis same?

CLD is a continuous process of inflammation, destruction, and regeneration of liver parenchyma, which leads to fibrosis and cirrhosis .

What does DLT mean in text?

Slang / Jargon (2) Acronym. Definition. DLT. Digital Linear Tape .

What is the meaning of DTL?

diode transistor logic

What is DLT in clinical trial?

DLT is defined as a clinically significant adverse event or abnormal laboratory value assessed as unrelated to disease progression, intercurrent illness, or concomitant medications and meeting the NCI common terminology criteria that are CTCAE Grade 3 or 4.

What is the full form school?

The full form of SCHOOL are as follows: Sincerity Capacity Honesty Orderliness Obedience Learning. Scholars Come Here Over and Out for Learning. Seven Crap Hours Of Our Life. Seven Crappy Hours Of Our Lives.

What is student full form?

STUDENT can be considered as an acronym where S stands for Study, T stands for Truthfulness, U for Unity, D for Discipline, E for Energy and T for Treasure.