We don’t need no education

What does we don’t need no education mean?

The song title is actually “Another Brick in the Wall, Pt. 2” which picks up directly after the previous track “The Happiest Days of Our Lives” with the line “ we don’t need no education ”. It refers to horrible teachers who pick on kids. The song is based on Roger Waters’ personal observations.

What movie is another brick in the wall from?

Pink Floyd – The Wall

What did Pink Floyd’s Wall symbolize?

The Wall is a rock opera that explores abandonment and isolation, symbolized by a wall .

Is another brick in the wall a protest song?

♫ Another Brick in the Wall part 2 was composed by The Pink Floyd (a British group). The composer and the interpreter is Roger Waters. ♫ It is a protest song who criticizes the rules in the school in the 1950s (in particular in United Kingdom). In fact the rules were very hard, the teachers used severe punishments.

Is we don’t need no education a double negative?

You’re correct that ” we don’t need no education ” has the same meaning as ” we don’t need any education .” These double (or multiple) negatives belong to non-standard spoken English. You will encounter them frequently in songs or in dialogue in films, TV shows, etc.

What is said at the end of Pink Floyd The Wall?

It could end there, but by having the little message at the end of the album and the beginning, it suggests that it will happen all over again. In other words, it’s “the vicious circle”, and throughout life one may have to keep on building walls and tearing them down over and over for whatever reason.

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Is the wall a true story?

The Wall , set in Iraq shortly after the war, has one of the great movie endings I can recall in recent times. The modestly budgeted film is essentially a two-hander between Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s U.S. soldier and an unseen Iraqi sniper known only as Juba, based on the real -life figure.

Is Pink Floyd The Wall movie on Netflix?

Watch Pink Floyd The Wall on Netflix Today! NetflixMovies.com.

Why was another brick in the wall banned?

The single, as well as the album The Wall , were banned in South Africa in 1980 after it was adopted by supporters of a nationwide school boycott protesting instituted racial inequities in education under apartheid.

Why do Gilmour and Waters not get along?

Actually fired due to his lack of contribution to The Wall and perhaps his heroin addiction too. The rivalry between Gilmour and Waters grew. They called it creative differences. In ’84 Gilmour released a solo album in which he expressed his relationship with Waters.

Is Pink Floyd The Wall about the Berlin Wall?

Another Brick in the Berlin Wall : Pink Floyd’s The Wall and East Germany’s Place in History. Though he did not originally write The Wall as an allegory about the German Democratic Republic, better known as East Germany, Waters encouraged such an interpretation by performing the opera at the former Berlin Wall site.

Is the wall the best album ever?

Waiting For The Worms and Stop… again, just keep the album flowing, but The Trial, in my opinion, is probably the best song from the album , and Outside The Wall was a great closing track. So yes, I think it’s one of the greatest albums of all time as well as the greatest Pink Floyd album .

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What does no dark sarcasm in the classroom mean?

In short, ” dark sarcasms” refers to the ways in which (bad!) teachers find, and hold up to public ridicule, the weaknesses of their students in order to crush their souls and dreams. https://english.stackexchange.com/questions/27527/ meaning -of- no – dark – sarcasm-in-the-classroom /27694#27694. Share a link to this answer.

How did Pink Floyd split?

Waters had left Pink Floyd to establish a solo career following the group’s 1983 album The Final Cut, and considered his departure in 1985 to mark the end of the band. Gilmour and Mason disagreed, resulting in the final break in a badly frayed relationship.

Who sings the song Another Brick in the Wall?

Pink Floyd