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Can you teach in Virginia without a license?

Prospective candidates are able to receive an employment offer for a vacant teacher -scale position without holding a Virginia teacher license , but they will first need to interview with a school principal and then be selected as a finalist for the position.

How long will VA schools be out?

On March 23rd, Governor Northam ordered all K-12 schools in Virginia to close for the remainder of the academic year as a response to the continued spread of COVID-19.

Are sols mandatory in VA?

According to the Code of Virginia , all students in Virginia are expected to take the Standards of Learning ( SOL ) state assessments. Virginia regulations do not include what is sometimes referred to as an “opt out policy” for state assessments. However, under Virginia law, parents may refuse testing for their children.

What grades take sols in Virginia?

The Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) requires students in grades 3-12 to take the Standards of Learning ( SOL ) assessments each year. Certain tests are required by all students each year, and others are required only at specific grade levels.

Is there a teacher shortage in Virginia?

Nearly 940 teaching positions went unfilled in Virginia at the beginning of the 2017-2018 school year, reflecting a teacher staffing crisis that has beset classrooms nationally. Public colleges and universities in Virginia hope they can help curtail teacher shortages by offering undergraduate teaching majors.

How much money does a teacher make in Virginia?

Teacher, Elementary School in Virginia Salaries

Job Title Location Salary
Richmond Public Schools Teacher , Elementary School salaries – 6 salaries reported Virginia $51,879/yr
Hampton City School District Teacher , Elementary School salaries – 6 salaries reported Virginia $45,962/yr
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Are schools in Va closing?

The state of Virginia has closed all schools for the rest of the academic year as the coronavirus continues to spread. The Washington Post reports that Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam said the state was “moving into a period of sacrifice” and canceled the remainder of the school year.

How will VA schools reopen?

Governor Ralph Northam announced a phased reopening of preK-12 schools on June 9, 2020 and the state updated the Phase Guidance on July 6, 2020. The Phase Guidance for Virginia Schools . (PDF) recommends schools gradually resume in-person instruction while prioritizing the health and safety of students and staff.

Is Virginia going back to school in the fall?

Virginia governor announces state plans for reopening schools in the fall . For the upcoming 2020-2021 school year, Northam said all public schools will be allowed to reopen as long as the state continues to slow the spread of the virus. State officials presented a three-phase approach to reopening schools on Tuesday.

Can you opt out of SOL testing in Virginia?

Virginia law does not provide for students to ‘ opt out ‘ of the SOL tests . But it does allow parents to refuse participation in SOL testing for their children.

Do you have to pass sols to graduate?

Prior to the changes, high school students needed to pass nine SOL tests in order to earn an advanced diploma, six for a standard diploma. Now students only need to pass five SOL tests in order to graduate and earn either diploma.

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Are SOLs only in Virginia?

In 2014, Virginia eliminated the following five elementary and middle school SOL tests: Grade-3 Science, Grade-3 Social Studies, U.S. History to 1865, U.S. History 1865-Present and Grade-5 Writing. The elimination of these tests reduced the total number of SOL assessments from 34 to 29.

What is a good Virginia SOL score?

The passing score for the Virginia SOL tests is 400 based on a reporting scale that ranges from 0 to 600. A scaled score of 0 to 399 means a student did not pass a test. A scaled score of 400 to 499 means a student passed a test and was classified as Proficient.

Does Virginia Use common core standards?

Virginia has never adopted the Common Core , but Virginia officials have said that the SOL is as, or more, rigorous than the new national standards and tracks the Common Core very closely in many ways. Students in Virginia begin SOL exams in third grade and take them every year until they graduate high school.

Do sols matter?

The SOL are valid, reliable, and fair according to independent testing experts. TRUTH: The state’s own validity and reliability report suggests that SOL test scores should not be used as barriers to graduation or accreditation.