Uci division of continuing education

What is UCI Division of Continuing Education?

UC Irvine Division of Continuing Education (DCE) was established in 1962 and has served the lifelong learning and career development needs of individuals, organizations, and the community on a local, regional, and global scale.

How do I contact UCI?

Who We Are: [email protected] • tel: (949) 824-6124. • fax: (949) 824-7896 .

How do I find my UCI ID number?

Your UCI Student ID # is 8 digits in length (as opposed to your UC Application ID # which is only 7). This number will appear on every email you’ll receive from UCI . Your UCInetID is your username, which you’ll use to login to the Applicant Portal and other UCI web services.

Does UCI have online courses?

UCI offers nearly 50 massive open, online courses at Coursera in a variety of formats: on-demand (anytime) or cohort-based. UCI was an early adopter of MOOCs and a number of these offerings are based on open educational resources also available on this site.

What is UCI College Code?

The UCI School Code for the FAFSA is 001314. For FAFSA application deadlines and details, visit www.fafsa.gov.

Where do I send transcripts to UCI?

They must be: Submitted by your school administration or counselor through a school domain email address. Sent to [email protected] uci .edu with this text in the subject line: ATTENTION OFFICIAL TRANSCRIPTS .

How do I log into my UCI email?

If you want to sign in to your email using a browser: ES Mail : webmail . uci .edu. Gmail: gmail.com. Enter your FULL email address (e.g. [email protected] uci .edu) for your username. Office 365: outlook.com/ uci .edu. HS users: myemail.hs. uci .edu.

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What day do UCI decisions come out?

March 31

What is my UCI email address?

All students have a UCI email address based on your UCInetID (e.g. [email protected] uci .edu). Use this address for official communication with the University.

Is UCI Summer Session online?

Summer Session 2020 Summer courses are being taught remote and online . See the Summer Session website at summer . uci .edu.