Toms river board of education

Is Toms River going back to school?

TOMS RIVER , NJ — The Toms River Regional School District plans to start the 2020-2021 school year with fully remote learning, Superintendent David Healy said Thursday evening.

Are Toms River schools open?

Toms River Regional will begin 2020-2021 school year with remote-only classes. TOMS RIVER – Toms River Regional schools will reopen Sept. 8 with remote-only learning, Superintendent David M. Healy said Thursday night.

How many schools are in Toms River NJ?

Toms River Regional Schools
Schools 18
Students and staff
Enrollment 15,472 (as of 2018–19)

Is Toms River a good place to live?

Toms River boasts a strong school system with high standards, dedicated teachers, and a diverse student body. Toms River is really a wonderful place to live . If anything could improve, it would be the traffic; but then again, everyone else must think it’s a great place to come to, as well!

What is Toms River famous for?

Tom’s River is one of the most well known towns in all of New Jersey. It was made famous for appearances in TV shows like Boardwalk Empire and Jersey Shore, and of course the 1998 Little League World Series Team.

Is Toms River water safe to drink?

While the recent discovery of lead in water in Newark and in Flint, Michigan has many people concerned, the chair of The Citizens Action Committee on Childhood Cancer Cluster is assuring Toms River residents their water is safe .

Is South Toms River bad?

overall i think it is a very nice area there are however a few bad things like the amount of theft incidents in the area is very high . South Toms River is an okay place to live. With the new Wawa they just built it makes it better. The plaza is good has a couple spots to eat at.