Texas education agency school ratings

What are the top rated school districts in Texas?

2020 top ranked Texas school districts

rank district academic performance index
1 Carroll ISD 96.4
2 Eanes ISD 96.3
3 Highland Park ISD (University Park, TX) 94.5

What are the TEA accountability ratings?

The ratings are based on performance on state standardized tests; graduation rates; and college, career, and military readiness outcomes. The ratings examine student achievement, school progress, and whether districts and campuses are closing achievement gaps among various student groups.

Who oversees the Texas Education Agency?

commissioner of education

What is Distinction designation?

Distinction designations are awarded for achievement in several areas and are based on performance relative to a group of campuses of similar type, size, grade span, and student demographics. The distinction designation indicators are typically separate from those used to assign accountability ratings.

What is the number 1 school in Texas?

2020 Texas top selective enrollment high schools

rank campus(es) district
1 School for the Talented and Gifted Dallas ISD
2 School of Science and Engineering Dallas ISD
3 Carnegie Vanguard High School Houston ISD
4 Liberal Arts and Science Academy Austin ISD

What are the top 10 school districts in Texas?

Eanes Independent School District . Carroll Independent School District . South Texas Independent School District . Highland Park Independent School District . Lovejoy Independent School District . Coppell Independent School District . Frisco Independent School District . Grapevine-Colleyville Independent School District.

What does school accountability mean?

School accountability —the process of evaluating school performance on the basis of student performance measures—is increasingly prevalent around the world. The most commonly considered definition of accountability involves using administrative data-based mechanisms aimed at increasing student achievement.

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What grades are elementary school in Texas?

Elementary school : Pre-kindergarten (at some campuses), Kindergarten, and grades 1-5 or 6 (at some campuses) Middle or intermediate school : Grades 6-8. High school : Grades 9-12.

What are tea Distinction designations?

A distinction designation is awarded for outstanding performance in closing student achievement gaps to campuses whose Index 3 score is ranked in the top 25 percent (Q1) of campuses in its campus comparison groups.

What is the education policy in Texas?

Texas Compulsory Education Laws General overview of compulsory education laws in Texas, which require children ages six to 18 to attend school, with exceptions such as leaves of absence, home-schooling or early graduation.

Who writes the Texas Education Code?

The Texas Education Code includes all laws and rules passed by the state legislature.

Who is the commissioner of Texas?

The current land commissioner is George P . Bush, who was elected on 4 November 2014. Texas Land Commissioner .

Commissioner of the Texas General Land Office
Incumbent George P. Bush since January 2, 2015
Style The Honorable

How are school ratings determined?

GreatSchools ratings are based on raw test scores, which correlate strongly with socioeconomic variables, as well as test score growth. And for high schools , GreatSchools adds in a “college readiness factor,” which is measured by SAT scores and graduation rates — two more variables that correlate with race and class.

What is Texas Academic Performance Report?

The Texas Academic Performance Reports ( TAPR ) pull together a wide range of information on the performance of students in each school and district in Texas every year. Performance is shown disaggregated by student groups, including ethnicity and socioeconomic status.

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What are accountability systems?

What exactly is an accountability system ? An accountability system is the set of policies and practices that a state uses to measure and hold schools and districts responsible for raising student achievement for all students, and to prompt and support improvement where necessary.