States rated by education

Which state is ranked last in education?

While Massachusetts topped the list, Alabama and New Mexico ranked the lowest.

What are the states ranked in education?

Massachusetts is the top state for education . It’s followed by New Jersey, Florida, Washington and New Hampshire to round out the top five. Seven of the 10 states with the best education systems also rank among the top 10 Best States overall. Explore more about the best state for education below.

What state is the lowest in education?


What is the stupidest state in America?

Top 10 “dumbest” states in the US (in order): Mississippi . Alabama. Florida. South Carolina. West Virginia. Louisiana. North Carolina. Arizona.

What state has the highest illiteracy rate?

South Dakota has the fifth- highest literacy rate of 93.0%, with 7.0% of adults lacking basic prose literacy skills. South Dakota has 16.4 public libraries per 100,000 residents, the fifth- highest in the country. US Literacy Rates by State 2020.

State Literacy Rate
Colorado 90.10%
Massachusetts 90.10%
Washington 90.20%
Utah 90.60%

Which country is #1 in education?


What is the safest state?

Maine . Ranked by WalletHub as the safest state in America, Maine also earned the number one spot for personal and residential safety, road safety, and emergency preparedness. Vermont . Coming in second for overall safety is the Green Mountain State. Minnesota . Utah . Wyoming. Iowa. Massachusetts . New Hampshire .

Which state is safest in India?

Indian states and territories ranked by safety of women

S.No State/UT Percentage Share of State/UT (2016)
1 Andhra pradesh 4.8
2 Arunachal Pradesh 0.1
3 Assam 6.2
4 Bihar 4.0
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Which state is the most educated state in Nigeria?

Top 10 Most Educated States in Nigeria (2020) Imo state . Imo state is the best educated state in Nigeria when looking at educational advancement. Lagos state . Anambra state . Oyo state . Rivers State . Ogun state . Enugu state . Delta state .

Which state has the most colleges?


What states have the best public schools?

Main Findings

Overall Rank (1 = Best) State Total Score
1 Massachusetts 71.73
2 Connecticut 66.25
3 New Jersey 65.64
4 Virginia 63.75

What is the smartest state?

New Jersey is the smartest state in U.S. , survey says New Jersey was named the smartest state in the United States , according to a data review by Safe Home. New Jersey has 24.2% residents with bachelor’s degrees while 15.6% of residents obtained a graduate or other professional degree.

Which state is the smartest 2020?

Massachusetts is the smartest state in the U.S. Massachusetts has the highest percentage of Bachelor’s degree holders at 42.1% of adults and graduate or professional degree holders at about 32.4%. Smartest States in the U.S. New Hampshire. Connecticut. Wisconsin. Kansas. Vermont. Iowa. New Jersey . Colorado.

What’s the highest IQ possible?

What’s the highest possible IQ ? Theoretically, there’s no upper limit to an IQ score.