Prison architect general education

How do you start the education program in prison architect?

Foundation Education Program Education unlocked via Bureaucracy. A classroom with at least 1 school desk and 1 office desk. Three consecutive hours of Work in the Regime.

How do classrooms work in prison architect?

Classrooms are a place to send prisoners for Educational Programs. They are used automatically at the scheduled times by interested prisoners (or guards).

Can you play as a prisoner in prison architect?

Besides from building and managing prisons , there is another game mode in Prison Architect : Escape Mode, where you take control of a prisoner attempting to escape from the prison . Escape Mode can also be started from the menu directly, where you can load any save game to start playing there as a prisoner .

How long is a year in prison architect?

So when played at normal speed one game year can range from 2 to 4 hours depending on your starting map size. As to the increased speeds on a small map, the >> speed is about 30s to one game hour (2x) and the >>> speed is about 12s to one game hour (5x).

How do you parole prisoners prison architect?

All prisoners are granted a parole hearing when they reach 50% of their sentence, and another one at 75%. To facilitate this you must build a Parole Room, and start the Parole Hearing Program. A parole hearing requires the inmate , the inmate’s lawyer ( Parole Lawyer) and the Parole Officer.

How do I hire a teacher in prison architect?

Teachers can be unlocked through Bureaucracy but cannot be hired like other Staff Members. They are hired externally at no cost, but the education programs you choose to run do cost money.

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How do you build a shop front in prison architect?

A shop front is to be placed on a wall surrounding a shop . It has to be accessible from both sides, one for the prisoners working in the shop during their work regime, one for the customers buying goods during their free time. Every shop front will need one prisoner working in the shop .

How do you use the Shop in prison architect?

Prisoners can be assigned to work in the shop . Workers bring goods into the shop and place them on the required table, similar to kitchens or workshops. Shops are required to have a shop front, which is placed where a wall would usually go and allows other prisoners to purchase various goods.

How do you escape prison in prison architect?

Escape mode is now entered automatically if you reach the criminal negligence failure condition in the sandbox game. Once you escape your prison you’ll receive an endgame score with the option to press ‘Esc’ to go to the main menu to start a new prison or load an existing one.

How do I stop lag in prison architect?

Go to Task Manager, right-click ” Prison Architect .exe”, Set Priority to High, Set Affinity from All to Core 1. It should run a lot smoother. This is because it’s not running on the same core as your primary (core 0), but on the secondary one.

How do you download prisons in prison architect?

You can do so from within the game (Main Menu > Extra > Share Your Prison ) or directly in Steam using the “Subscribe” button. Once uploaded, everybody with Steam access can download it in the game’s menu, after subscribing it in Steam.