Pharmacy continuing education requirements

How many CE hours does a pharmacist need?

CE Requirements (contact hours): 15 contact hours; At a minimum, 12 hours will be all or a combination of ACPE or Continuing Medical Education (CME) approved programs. One hour must be Board of Pharmacy approved jurisprudence (pharmacy law) programs.

Do Webinars count as live CE for pharmacists?

How do I process continuing education for these activities? After completion of a live webinar , subscribers will complete an evaluation on ASHP eLearning. After completion of these steps, subscribers can claim CE credit.

How many CE Do you need to renew Ptcb?

20 continuing education

Can pharmacists use CME credits?

Different state boards of pharmacy have different requirements for continuing education . Some accept CME credit , while others accept only ACPE-approved CPE (continuing pharmacy education) credit . Please refer to your state board of pharmacy to find out if CME is accepted.

How many hours does 1 CEU equal?


How long is a pharmacy license good for?

How much continuing education (CE) do I need to renew my pharmacist license ? A Currently, license renewal dates are being staggered so that some pharmacists renew for one year and others for two years. The amount of CE a pharmacist is required to obtain depends on the length of time since the last license renewal.

Is a webinar a live CE?

A live webinar is a live seminar that is transmitted via the web. The primary difference, besides not being live , is the on-demand webinar requires a post test at the completion of the webinar in order to obtain a CE certificate. My State requires me to get a certain amount of live continuing education hours.

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Are Webcasts considered live CE?

Live Webcasts : The video webcast is a seminar with audio and video live -streamed directly to your computer. The live webcast format will either offer live CE credit (interactive) or self-study credit (home-study/independent), depending on the requirements of your licensing board.

How much is CE free?

What does membership cost and what does it include? A freeCE annual membership costs $89. This includes 12-months of unlimited access to all live and home study CE activities on freeCE , excluding specialty CE Series Certifications.

How do I know if my pharmacy tech ce is legal?

Answer: ACPE Course identifiers in pharmacy law for pharmacists will end with “03P.” ACPE course identifiers in medication/patient safety for pharmacists will end with “05P.” ACPE course identifiers in drug therapy will end with “01 or “02.”

How many continuing education hours does a pharmacy tech need?

20 hours

Where can I get free pharmacy tech ce?

The PTCB has free online continuing education on their website. Click the re-certification tab and a drop down menu will appear with Continuing Education as the bottom option. Get 10 hours of free pharmacy technician CE at your workplace.

What is CE in pharmacy?

Continuing education ( CE ) is essential for CPhTs and CSPTs to stay up to date on the latest in pharmacy practice, expand their knowledge, and advance their professional growth.

How many CE hours does a pharmacist need in Texas?

thirty hours

How do I renew my California pharmacist license?

Enter in the renewal application the number of successfully completed hours of continuing education (CE) for an active pharmacist license . To renew an active pharmacist license , a pharmacist must successfully complete 30 hours of approved courses of CE during the two years preceding the application for renewal .