Pa dept of education tims

What is TIMS system?

The Teacher Information Management System ( TIMS ) allows the exchange of data. among several existing applications currently used by the Pennsylvania. Department of Education (PDE) to collect and manage data related to professional. educators.

How long does it take to get a teaching certificate in PA?

Initial Teaching Certifications At the end of six years, every teacher must complete at least 24 credits of post-baccalaureate coursework and have gone through an induction program set up by their school in order to obtain Level II certification .

How do I view my pa teaching certificate?

TIMS Log In Instructions for Educators Go to pa .gov. Hover the mouse over “EDUCATORS” Click “ Certification ” from the drop down menu. Click the GREEN “TIMS Educator Online Certification System” box in the middle of the page. Thoroughly review Help With TIMS self-help options.

What does awaiting evaluation mean in Tims?

Awaiting Evaluation : The TIMS system has determined your application is complete and is now waiting for staff in our office to review your application by the ” awaiting evaluation ” date. Pending Test Score: The PDE evaluation has occurred and you need to complete a test(s) in order to be issued a PA certificate.

How do I get instructional 2 in PA?

Instructional II certification in Pennsylvania can be obtained following the completion of at least three years of satisfactory teaching including an approved induction program in the public schools of Pennsylvania and the completion of twenty-four post-baccalaureate credits in any area that will enhance the

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How do I access my Tims account?

Step 1: Open the NTSA TIMS portal using this link https:// tims click on Sign In on the upper right corner to view the registration and login interface as show in the image below. Click on the Login Method to choose one whether to login using Username, ID No. or Certificate of Incorporation.

Is there a teacher shortage in PA?

The Keystone State has a growing teacher shortage . According to Rich Askey, president of the Pennsylvania State Education Association (PSEA), the combination of low starting pay and an average of $37,000 student loan debt, the second highest in the nation, makes teaching a really tough career choice for new graduates.

Can you teach in PA without certification?

All teachers in Pennsylvania need to hold a bachelor’s degree in order to receive certification . The bachelor’s does not need to be in teaching or education, but prospective teachers who do not have a teaching or education degree need to complete a teacher preparation program.

Can you substitute teach in PA without certification?

If you wish to substitute teach in a Pennsylvania school, you must hold a PA teaching certificate . The Emergency Permit is only issued through joint application with a school district, which must verify that they have advertised for a substitute teacher and cannot find a certified , fully qualified applicant.

How do I get a Level 2 teaching certificate in PA?

​How many credits do I need for Level II? Instructional or Educational Specialist applicants must complete 24 semester credits (graduate or undergraduate level ) and/or PDE-approved credits taken through a PA Intermediate Unit. These credits must be completed beyond the date of their initial bachelor’s degree.

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Where can I get a copy of my pa teaching certificate?

Access the Pennsylvania Department of Education website at www.pde.state. pa .us. Click on “ Certifications ” on the left-hand side of the page.

How do I access my teaching certificate?

Log in to your TEAL user account at (If you do not have a TEAL user account, you will need to request a new user account.) After you log on, click Access Applications on the Self-Service menu. Click the blue View My Educator Certification Account link directly above your TEA ID.

How do I check my act 48 hours in PA?

How Do I Check My Act 48 Hours ? Enter your Pennsylvania Professional ID (PAID) and click Go. Don’t know your PAID? Click View your Pennsylvania Professional ID and be prepared to enter your social security number to access it.

How many ACT 48 hours do I need in PA?

180 Act 48 hours

Where can I check my act 48 hours?

Visit the Professional Education Record Management System (PERMS) where you can find/ review : Your Professional Personnel ID and continuing education progress.