Ontario ministry of education

Will schools reopen this year Ontario?

Most schools in Ontario will open for students on September 8, 2020. Ministry expectation is that school boards have scheduled three days of professional activity prior to September 8.

How do I contact the minister of education in Ontario?

Ministry of Education: 1-800-387-5514 , or (416) 325-2929 in Toronto or outside Ontario. Regional Offices: Toronto: 1-800-268-5755, or (416) 325-6870.

How do I order curriculum documents in Ontario?

Contact Service Ontario Publications directly at: 1-800-668-9938.

How do I get a hard copy of the Ontario curriculum?

To find hard copies of the Ontario curriculum in the Education Library go to the Tyndale WorldCat and conduct a subject search for the term “Education Ontario Curricula”.

Do teachers get paid if schools don’t reopen?

If schools do not open again for the school year, there are five things to consider: Will we be paid for the remainder of the school year? Most in education, such as administrators and teachers , are salary workers. We do get paid over breaks such as Fall, Winter, and Spring Break.

Are Toronto schools reopening?

The provincial government has rejected a proposal by the Toronto District School Board with three weeks until return. The province has rejected Toronto District School Board proposals for reopening both elementary and secondary schools .

Who is the current minister of education in Ontario?

The current minister of education is Stephen Lecce. A number of ministers of education have gone on to become premier of Ontario, including Arthur Sturgis Hardy, George Ross, George Drew, John Robarts, Bill Davis, and Kathleen Wynne.

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What is the Education Ministry?

Alberta Education (also known as the Albertan Ministry of Education ) is the Albertan ministry responsible for early childhood education , primary education , and secondary education in Alberta .

How is education funded in Ontario?

Funding for education in Ontario is set through a provincial funding formula. Much of the funding is tied to enrolment, and is intended to provide equal educational opportunities for all students.

What is Ontario curriculum?

All publicly funded schools in Ontario are required to use The Ontario Curriculum which outlines the curriculum requirements and specific learning expectations throughout each of the elementary and secondary school years.

What curriculum is used in Canada?

Canada does not have a national curriculum ; rather, the provincial governments are responsible for establishing the curriculum for their schools, and each province has its own, ministry-established common curriculum .

Is cursive writing taught in Ontario schools?

Cursive writing is no longer a mandatory part of Ontario’s education curriculum. It’s now something that can be taught at teachers’ discretion – and if Brantford-area Catholic schools are any sort of a barometer, it appears quite a few teachers are choosing to exercise that discretion.

What is a curriculum in education?

The term curriculum refers to the lessons and academic content taught in a school or in a specific course or program. An individual teacher’s curriculum , for example, would be the specific learning standards, lessons, assignments, and materials used to organize and teach a particular course.

What is a curriculum connection?

Curriculum connections make learning more meaningful for students. When these kinds of connections are part of planned instruction for a lesson or a unit, they are called cross-curricular, or interdisciplinary, instruction.

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What is a curriculum document?

A curriculum framework is a subject-specific document which identifies student learning outcomes for what students are expected to know and be able to do as they relate to the knowledge and skills of a particular subject area.