National association of music education

How much does it cost to join NAfME?

Membership is $50.00 per year. Click here to apply now!

How do I join NAfME?

Visit NAfME Corporate membership. Why Join ? Individual member dues by state/territory/country: Use our dues calculator (“Find Your Dues” on the upper right of this page) or contact [email protected] nafme .org. Download the current NAfME W-9 Form. Membership dues are nonrefundable and nontransferable.

How do I renew my NAfME membership?

To join NAfME , update your account, or renew your membership , click here. For assistance, contact us at [email protected] nafme .org or 800-336-3768 (Monday-Friday, 8 am-4:30 pm ET). Otherwise, please proceed to our website for resources, news, and information.

When did menc become NAfME?

September 1, 2011

Why is music education in schools important?

Music education is an important aspect of providing children with a well-rounded education . When allowed to work in harmony with other subjects and areas of study, music helps children grow in self-esteem, build essential skills and prepare for bright futures.

What does MENC stand for?

National Association for Music Education

When was menc founded?


When did music education start?