Michigan board of education

Who is in charge of education in Michigan?

The Michigan State Board of Education is an elected executive agency of the Michigan state government, responsible for managing the state’s public K-12 education .

What does the Michigan Department of Education do?

Major departmental responsibilities include: educator preparation and certification; providing technical assistance to schools in the areas of education improvement and innovation, special education , grants, transportation, health and food programs; statewide student assessment; school accountability; career and

How do you get on the Board of Education?

A school board candidate may be asked to meet the following requirements: Be a registered voter. Be a resident of the district that the individual is running to represent. At least have a high school diploma or a certificate of equivalency. Not a convicted felon.

How do I get a Michigan teaching certificate?

The Michigan Department of Education (517-373-6791) requires the completion of a bachelor’s degree program, at minimum, from a state-approved teacher preparation program in order to be eligible for a teaching certificate .

What is the role of the Board of Education?

The Role of the Board of Education The role of a Board member is to ensure that the District is well run through the creation and updating of policies. These policies serve as a guide to the Superintendent and provide direction, a basis for decision-making, and an imperative for action.

What does MDE mean?


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What decisions do school boards make?

What do school boards do ? Hire and evaluate the superintendent. Approve budgets. Set spending priorities. Approve textbooks and other curriculum materials. Adopt the annual school calendar. Make decisions regarding opening and closing schools .

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Can teachers contact board members?

Some boards assign a board member to each program manager, although other boards feel that doing so can create “special interests” on the board . There are no restrictions on board -staff contact , but the executive director must be informed about meetings.

What does a school board president do?

Its duties are relatively mundane, including setting agendas, keeping order in meetings, and serving as the board spokesperson. But the presidency holds a certain political cachet, if a visible and vocal leader decides to use it by parading the title and steering meetings toward their interests.

Can I teach without a certificate?

Without certification , you cannot teach in public schools: it is your license to teach ! Before you enroll in an accredited degree program, you will want to make sure the program prepares you for teacher certification .

Can you teach in Michigan without a certificate?

Michigan’s Alternate Route to Interim Teaching (MARITC) process allows candidates who have a bachelor’s degree but have not completed a teacher preparation program to be hired as a teacher while completing the certification requirements.

How much do substitute teachers make in Michigan per day?

Substitute teacher pay in Michigan is typically $80 to $85 a day – the equivalent of about $11 to $12 an hour.