Medical assistant continuing education

How many CEUs does a medical assistant need?


What are continuing education units for medical assistants?

Find CEUs CMAs (AAMA)® | Earn recertification points to recertify by continuing education . Medical Assistants | Earn CEUs ( continuing education units ) to show employers you are staying current in the field. AAMA Members | Enjoy discounts on AAMA CEUs that can add up to the price of membership and more.

Why is continuing education important for medical assistant?

Medical assistants must take continuing education courses in order to maintain their credentials. Some of the requirements for recertification can be met through maintaining employment in the field and participation in a recognized organization related to their field of work.

How often do I renew my medical assistant certification?

every 5 years

What is better a RMA or CMA?

The Differences Between CMA & RMA Both the CMA and RMA are recognized as national certifications for medical assistants. However, the CMA does have slightly better recognition. The CMA is offered by the AAMA (American Association of Medical Assistants) and the RMA is offered by AMT (American Medical Technologists).

How many hours does 1 CEU equal?


How do I get my MA certification?

Becoming a Certified Medical Assistant : Steps 1 Attend an accredited medical assisting program. 2 Confirm certification exam eligibility. 3 Submit the application and choose a test date. 4 Study for the exam. 5 Take and pass the exam. 6 Keep up with recertification.

What is the AAMA Certification?

The Certified Medical Assistant ( AAMA )®—or CMA ( AAMA )®—credential represents a medical assistant who has been credentialed through the Certifying Board (CB) of the American Association of Medical Assistants ( AAMA ). The credential is awarded to candidates who pass the CMA ( AAMA ) Certification Exam.

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Is there a medical assistant refresher course?

Like any other type of ongoing and continuous training , refresher courses for medical assistants are highly essential for service providers in the healthcare industry.

What is the purpose of continuing education?

Continuing education is required for workers to stay current with the latest developments, skills, and new technologies required for their fields. Certain professions also require continuing education to comply with laws, remain licensed or certified, or maintain membership in an association or licensing body.

What is the benefit of continuing education?

Continuing education often leads to a raise or a higher starting salary at a new position. Whether you will be offered a raise or promotion in your current job or will qualify for a new job that has a better salary, continuing education will have a major benefit for your income .

What are three laboratory duties performed by a medical assistant?

Some common medical laboratory assistant tasks also include planting microbiology specimens, performing routine and specialized tests, preparing and staining slides for analysis, performing phlebotomy, recording testing information, cleaning and restocking the lab facility, keeping inventory, and ordering lab supplies.

How do you check if someone is a certified medical assistant?

Employers can also verify CMA (AAMA) status by calling the AAMA Certification Department at 800/228-2262.

What happens if my NHA certification expires?

If your certification has been expired for more than one year, you must retake the certification exam . You may earn continuing education credits through sources outside NHA and apply them toward your required renewal credits. Log in to the certification portal to learn more.

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Does EKG certification expire?

In a word, no. The certificate does not have an expiration date.