Malcolm x on education

What did Malcolm X say about education?

Just before his death in 1965, he maintained that one of the things he most regretted in his life was his lack of an academic education . He stated that he would be quite willing to go back to school and continue where he had left off and go on to take a degree. “I would just like to study.

What is Malcolm X thesis about literacy and education?

A thesis statement that is an opinion, but not a very interesting one, is that “Malcolm X’s learning to read in prison shows the value of literacy.” It could be argued that this statement is not true, but most people would agree that literacy has great value. A more interesting thesis would be more controversial.

What inspired Malcolm X to educate himself?

He became motivated to educate himself after he noticed how his intellectual prison friend named “Bimbi” was able to take hold of any conversation he was a part of simply because of how well-read he was. Malcolm X copied down dictionaries simply for the sake of learning how to write and to learn the meaning of words.

Did Malcolm X attend college?

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