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How do students login to HMH?

Logging In to HMH Student Central Log in with a SAM username and password, and click Sign In to go to the HMH Gateway screen. At the Gateway, click the desired program icon to enter HMH Student Central. From the HMH Student Central screen, click the desired tab, then click Go to launch the program.

How do I access Reading Counts?

To open the Reading Counts ! Login screen, click the Reading Counts ! icon at the bottom of the screen. Students may also log in to Reading Counts ! through the product suite access screens.

How do I log into iRead?

Select the school district name from the pull-down menu and click GO. ▶ Choose iRead from the Student Access page. Click the iRead button. Tip: Bookmark this page for future use.

What is Sam Central?

SAM Central provides teachers with student data, classroom management, and instructional resources they need for successful implementation, effective teaching, and differentiated instruction. The Home screen provides a snapshot of student progress and performance in iRead.

Does think central work with Google classroom?

Think Central / Google Classroom – Powered By OnCourse Systems For Education.

What is Ed learning?

Ed : Your Friend in Learning ® is our newest teaching and learning system that combines the best of technology, content, and instruction to provide a personalized experience with HMH® programs.

What is the username and password for reading counts?

The username is student and the password is the same default password that teachers use to access teacher SAM accounts.

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Is there a Reading Counts quiz?

Unlike other reading assessment programs, no two quizzes in Reading Counts ! are the same, struggling readers have the opportunity to retake quizzes , and quiz settings can be customized based on individual students’ needs for extra support or challenge.

How do I download iRead?

Teachers and students may access the student software on an iOS- or Android-based device by downloading and configuring the app. Prior to the first launch of the app, tap the Settings icon on the iPad Home Screen. Tap the iRead icon from the Settings menu. After downloading the app, tap the app icon.

What is the iRead program?

® Empowering reading proficiency by Grade 3. Grades K–2 Early Learning Intervention. Adaptive technology gives educators the power to instantly adjust instruction to meet individual needs as they arise.

What does iRead stand for?

Indiana Reading Evaluation and Determination