Higher institute of villainous education

Will there be a 9th hive book?

For years there has been speculation about a ninth book in the H.I.V.E series. On October 6th of 2020 Mark Walden confirmed he just finished book nine that day and it should be out sometime in 2021, after the book finishes editing and printing.

What happened to Mark Walden?

After spending ten years as a video games designer and producer, Mark Walden has recently left the games industry to write and be a full-time dad to his daughter, Megan.

Who is the author of hive?

Марк Уолден

What is the theme of hive?

The theme for the book H.I.V.E is do not let someone else shape your life. In the book, Otto was first in a public school but the school was going too slow for him. He kept telling the teachers that they had the wrong facts because he knew it all.

What order do the hive books go in?

H.I.V.E. Books Higher Institute of Villainous Education (2006) The Overlord Protocol (2007) Escape Velocity (2008) Interception Point/Spook’s Tale (2009) (World Book day Special, only 60 pages long and accompanied with other book) Dreadnought (2009) Rogue (2010) Zero Hour (2010) Aftershock (2011) Deadlock (2013)

Where was Walden born?

United Kingdom