Henry county board of education

Is Henry County going back to school?

The Henry County Board of Education voted August 31 to approve a timeline to phase in the return of students to on-campus classes. As a result, the district reopened the selection window for families to choose whether to continue with remote learning or follow the new plan.

How much do Henry County teachers make?

How much does a High School Teacher make at Henry County Public Schools in the United States? Average Henry County Public Schools High School Teacher yearly pay in the United States is approximately $48,588 , which meets the national average.

How many schools are in Henry County?

Henry County Schools
Schools 50
Budget $449,744,000 ( 2015-16 )
Students and staff

What time does Henry County high school start?

9:00 am

What day does Henry County start school?

– School leaders in Henry County say students will begin the 2020-2021 school year later than normal, but when they do classes will be completely online. The start of the school year is set for August 17, a two week delayed start from the originally planned date, according to Henry County School officials.

How much do DeKalb County Teachers Make?

Average Salary for Dekalb County School District Employees Salaries at Dekalb County School District range from an average of $27,935 to $82,221 a year.

What is the best high school in Henry County GA?

Union Grove High . Mcdonough, GA. Henry County. Ola High School. Mcdonough, GA. Henry County. Woodland High School. Stockbridge, GA. Henry County. Dutchtown High. Hampton, GA. Luella High School. Locust Grove, GA. Eagle’s Landing High School. Mcdonough, GA. Stockbridge High School. Stockbridge, GA. Excel Academy . Mcdonough, GA.

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What time does Henry County elementary school start?

7:55 a.m.

What school district is Woodland High School?

Henry County district