Frontline education absence management

How do I create an absence on frontline?

You can enter a new absence from your Absence Management home page under the Create Absence tab. Enter the absence details including the date of the absence , the absence reason, notes to the administrator or substitute, etc. and attach any files, if needed. You can then click Create Absence .

How do I contact Aesop frontline?

To call , dial 1-800-942-3767. You’ll be prompted to enter your ID number (followed by the # sign), then your PIN number (followed by the # sign).

How do I log into Aesop?

To log in to Aesop , type in your web browser’s address bar (on mobile devices, type Enter your ID number and PIN. Then, click Login .

What is Aesop absence management?

AESOP (Substitute Placement & Absence Management ) is an automated system that allows teachers to schedule absences and place substitutes by phone or Internet.

What is absence management?

Absence management is about reducing employee absenteeism (usually due to illness or injury) through policies and procedures. In order to have an effective impact, these policies and procedures will need to be communicated to both employees and managers , with management /HR taking a pro-active role in applying them.

How do I create a frontline education account?

On the date your district upgrades, you will receive an invitation email to create a Frontline ID account . Click Create a Frontline ID within the invitation email. This selection takes you to a Sign In page where you must create login credentials in accordance to Frontline requirements.

How do I log into my Aesop substitute?

To log into Aesop , type in your web browser’s address bar. Enter your ID number and PIN; then, click Login . Can’t remember your login info?

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How do I get my Aesop PIN number?

1. If you have forgotten the PIN number and would like it emailed to you from AESOP , first visit the AESOP log in page at Aesop .html. 2. Click the “Forgot your login?” button to the right of the ID field.

How do I sign up for Aesop substitute?

Proactively fill your schedule Substitutes can call in to Aesop toll-free at 1-800-942-3767 or log in online at Aesop .

How do I access frontline?

Getting Started Access the app store on your mobile device and enter ” Frontline Education” in the search bar. Click the Get or Install button and install the app. Once the download is complete, a welcome page will display. Click Get Started to proceed.

How do I log into frontline?

Logging In To log in to a Frontline web application (such as Absence Management or Time and Attendance), go to and enter the Frontline ID username and password you chose for your Frontline ID account. *These credentials will also be used when accessing the Frontline mobile app.

Is there a frontline app?

Download our app for iPhone/iPad, Android , or Kindle Fire. App notifications, texts, desktop alerts and emails all contain a link or button you can click to book the job, and for phone call alerts you can press “1” when prompted to book the job.

How do you create an absence on Aesop?

Aesop will take you through a 4 step process to help you create your absence . To start the process click the Create Absence tab on your home page. In the first step you will select the date or the date range of the absence . You will also select the Absence Reason.

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How do I delete an absence in Aesop?

Another permission you may have been given is the ability to cancel an absence that you have created in Aesop . To cancel an absence click the red Delete button. This will bring up a confirmation pop-up. Confirm the cancellation by clicking the green Yes button.