Fort sumter visitor education center

How much is Fort Sumter tour?

How much does the day time tour cost?

Ticket Prices
Adults $24.00
Seniors/Active Military $22.00
Children (4-11) $16.00
Children under 3 FREE

Can you visit Fort Sumter?

Visiting Fort Sumter Fort Sumter Tours provides the only National Park Service authorized access to Fort Sumter . There are two departure locations: Liberty Square Visitor Education Center, a National Park Service visitor center open daily from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm, and Patriots Point Naval and Maritime Museum.

How long does it take to tour Fort Sumter?

2.5 hours

How far is Fort Sumter from Myrtle Beach?

87 miles

Is Fort Sumter worth the visit?

According to most Charleston visitors, Fort Sumter is a must-see, especially for kids and history buffs. Fort Sumter National Monument is perched on a small island in Charleston Harbor several miles southwest of the city.

What is there to do at Fort Sumter?

Explore the Grounds of Fort Sumter Experience the opening battle of the American Civil War and explore its origins with a National Park ranger. Your approximate one-hour visit to Fort Sumter allows ample time to explore well-preserved fort ruins and browse Museum Store souvenirs.

Who fired first at Fort Sumter?

Major Robert Anderson

Can you see Fort Sumter from the Battery?

The monument at Fort Sumter commemorates the events of April 1861, when the first shots of the Civil War were fired here. Looking over the water from Charleston’s Battery Park, you can see Fort Sumter in the distance. The fort is named for a Revolutionary War hero, General Thomas Sumter .

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Can you take your own boat to Fort Sumter?

Ferry tickets and Fort Sumter tours can be purchased at the visitors center for $22. The visitors center’s hours of operation are 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. every day. If you have your own boat , a private expedition to Fort Sumter can also be arranged.

Who died at Fort Sumter?

Did you know? There were no casualties during the Confederate bombardment of Fort Sumter at the start of the American Civil War . The only Union deaths came during the evacuation: One soldier was killed and another mortally wounded in an accidental explosion during a planned 100- gun salute.

Is Fort Sumter on an island?

Fort Sumter is located on an island in Charleston Harbor and is only accessible by boat.

How Much Does Fort Moultrie cost?

There is a small entrance fee to access Fort Moultrie, which ranges from $1.00 for seniors who are 62 and older, and $3.00 for adults, while children 15 and under are free.

What does Fort Sumter mean?

Fort Sumter is defined as the location in Charleston, South Carolina where the first battle of the Civil War began on April 12, 1861. An example of Fort Sumter is the historical site where visitors can learn about the role of the Confederate troops in the Civil War. noun.

Where do you get the ferry to Fort Sumter?

The only way to get to Fort Sumter is by boat. One company, Fort Sumter Tours, runs the ferries that shuttle passengers to and from the island via Downtown Charleston at Liberty Square or from across the harbor at Patriots Point.

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Does Fort Sumter still exist?

Named after General Thomas Sumter , Revolutionary War hero, Fort Sumter was built after the War of 1812, as one of a series of fortifications on the southern U.S. coast to protect the harbors. Construction began in 1829, and the structure was still unfinished in 1861, when the Civil War began.