Discovery education sign in

How do I login to Discovery Education?

To Access Discovery Education as a Teacher & Student: Username: Password: RCSD Password (same as you use to log into your computer) If your password is not working, please reset your password on your laptop. If you need assistance with this, please contact the HelpDesk at 262-8151.

How do students sign in to Discovery Education?

Users can log in via https://google. • Or via Canvas. The default password has been set to “ discovery ” for any new accounts. Classroom teachers and their students are being auto-rostered nightly.

Is Discovery Education free right now?

We look forward to working with the STEM Career Coalition and Discovery Education to increase access to quality educational opportunities in science, engineering, and technology.” All resources are available at no cost at, and through Discovery Education Experience.

How much does a Discovery Education subscription cost?

License. Discovery Education Streaming Plus – Pricing – The pricing is determined by whether you are an Elementary & Middle School ($2600 per school per year) or High School ($3100 per school per year). There are also low enrollment pricing options available. Can be purchased by School Leader or District Administrator.

What is an example of discovery learning?

In order to solve the problem, students must gather information, research, and ask questions about possible solutions to the given problem. Having students create simulations of things is another example of Discovery Learning .

How do I get a Discovery Education account?

Create a Student Account in My Admin A School Administrator with Discovery Education Admin access can manually enter students through the My Admin section of Discovery Education . To do this: Click on the My Admin tile from your My DE homepage. Click on the Manage School dropdown and then Add User.

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What is learning through discovery?

Discovery learning takes place in problem solving situations where the learner draws on his own experience and prior knowledge and is a method of instruction through which students interact with their environment by exploring and manipulating objects, wrestling with questions and controversies, or performing

Does Discovery Education work with Google classroom?

Google Single Sign-On (SSO) enables teachers and students to log in to iscovery Education using district Google / Google apps accounts. Learn how to create assignments in Google Classroom by directly sharing from Discovery Education Experience.

Who owns Discovery Education?

San Francisco -based private equity firm Francisco Partners has agreed to acquire a majority stake in the education business in a deal worth $120 million. Discovery Communications will still retain an interest and will license the “Discovery Education” brand to the business.

Is Discovery Education part of Discovery Channel?

Discovery Communications — the parent company of Discovery Education , best known for its television networks Discovery Channel and Animal Planet — will be licensing the brand to Francisco Partners for $120 million but will maintain a minority equity interest in it, according to an announcement.

When was Discovery Education founded?


Why are educational videos important?

They enable teachers to create a flipped classroom or “blended” learning environment. However, videos are also beneficial to teachers who teach in traditional classroom settings. Digital videos facilitate remote learning opportunities so that teachers can reach students from all over the world.