Csu general education requirements worksheet

What are CSU general education requirements?

All CSU students must meet the minimum of 48 semester units of General Education ( GE )-breadth requirements in order to earn the bachelor’s degree . The GE requirement includes 39 semester units of lower-division coursework and at least nine semester units of upper-division coursework.

What is a general education pattern?

General Education (G.E.) is a pattern of courses determined by a 4-year institution to represent its ” general ” or “breadth” philosophy of what constitutes a well- educated graduate. Each college has its own philosophy of education ; its own G.E. pattern .

Do you have to complete all prerequisites before transferring CSU?

Do all of my required courses have to be completed before I submit my application? No. On the application you will be able to include courses in progress and courses planned. For example, if you are applying to a CSU campus for Fall 2021 transfer , you apply between October 1 ā€“ December 4, 2020.

Do I need to complete Igetc to transfer?

No. Completion of IGETC is not an admission requirement or admission guarantee for transfer to CSU or UC, nor is it the only way to fulfill the lower-division, general education requirements. Check with a counselor for more information.

What GPA do you need for a CSU?


What is the golden 4 for CSU?

What are the Golden Four? The Golden Four represent the four basic skills general education requirements (one course in each area: oral communication , written communication , critical thinking , and mathematics /quantitative reasoning). You need to have completed these four courses with a grade of “C” or higher.

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What is Igetc GE and CSU GE?

The Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum ( IGETC ) is a series of courses that prospective transfer students attending California community colleges (CCC) may complete to satisfy the lower-division breadth/ general education requirements at both the University of California (UC) and the California State

What is the minimum number of units that must be completed at Bakersfield College?

Completion of at least 12 of the 60 units at Bakersfield College .

How many laboratory activity courses must you complete for the CSU pattern?

A grade of ā€œCā€ or better is required for Area B. 4. One laboratory activity is required.

What is the 7 course pattern?

Complete UC’s required 7 – course pattern with a grade of C or better (each must be at least 3 semester/4 quarter units): 2 in English composition, 1 in mathematical concepts and quantitative reasoning, 4 in at least 2 of these areas: arts and humanities, social and behavioral sciences, physical and biological sciences.

Can I transfer to CSU without math?

The California State University system is eliminating a math requirement that, for many, has made transferring to a four-year university a pipe dream. Beginning in Fall 2018, the CSU system says non – math and science majors will not have to take intermediate algebra before transferring to one of its campuses.

Do you have to complete all prerequisites before applying to medical school?

You do not need to have your prereqs done before you apply to medical school . You only need to have your prereqs done before you matriculate into medical school . Other than that, it doesn’t matter.

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How many general education plans are there at LAVC?


How do I get Igetc certified?

GE Breadth and IGETC Certification To request a certification , submit an official transcript request to the Student Records Office and indicate that you need certification with the transcript. Mark the GE Breadth or IGETC certification box on the transcript request form. IGETC certification can only be mailed directly to the transfer school.

Is Igetc a good idea?

IGETC is not a UC admissions requirement and completion does not guarantee admission. Usually the social sciences, arts, and humanities recommend IGETC . If you’re a STEM major, because of the huge list of required courses, those majors usually do not recommend IGETC . Ask your CCC advisor which path is best .