Continuing education requirements for nurses

How many CE credits do I need for nursing?

30 contact hours

What counts as CEUs for nurses?

What is the difference between continuing education units ( CEUs ) and contact hours? The term “contact hour” is defined as 50 or 60 minutes of instruction in a board-approved nursing continuing education class or activity. One CEU equals ten contact hours.

How do I get CE hours for nursing?

Once you’re comfortable selecting approved courses, use these tips to earn a nursing CEU fast! Choose free courses whenever possible or have your employer help with the cost. Take online courses for ease and flexibility. Attend nursing CEU conferences, seminars and vacations.

What states require continuing education for nurses?

State CE Requirements for Nurses Alabama. State Website. Term (Years): 2. Alaska. State Website. Term (Years): 2. Arizona. State Website. Term (Years): 4. Arkansas. State Website. Term (Years): 2. California. State Website. Term (Years): 2. Colorado. State Website. Term (Years): 2. Connecticut. State Website. Term (Years): 1. Delaware. State Website. Term (Years): 2.

How many hours is 1 CEU?


What is the difference between contact hours and CEUs?

One contact hour is equal to 50-60 minutes of actual clock time spent in a board-approved course or activity in the classroom with an instructor. One continuing education unit ( ceu ) or credit is equal to 10 contact hours ; meaning it requires 10 clock hours to complete.

What qualifies as a CEU?

According to the IACET: One Continuing Education Unit ( CEU ) is defined as 10 contact hours (1 hour = 60 minutes) of participation in an organized continuing education experience under responsible sponsorship, capable direction, and qualified instruction.

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Do college credits count towards nursing CEUs?

The key here is choosing approved or accredited programs. In order for a CEU to count toward your required hours, it must be administered by an approved CE provider. Usually, if it’s nursing CE coursework from a college or university or a nursing school, you should have no issues with having such credits approved.

How many CEUs does ACLS count for?

8 CEUs

How do I get my free nursing CEUS?

For access to additional free CEU courses, check out,, and Nurse .com.

How many CE hours are required for RN in Virginia?

30 CE

Can an RN work as a tech?

Working as a PCT or CNA while an RN because you cannot take the responsibilities of an RN is not advisable. For starters, some employers will not hire you as a patient care tech or certified nurses aide because you are an RN . Many of us need a break from direct patient care during our careers for a variety of reasons.

What is the purpose of continuing education in nursing?

Nursing continuing education with development of knowledge, skill, and attitude results in improvement of nursing activity, and thus improves the health care in the society. If the education is not planned and implement properly, it affects the patient care.

What professions require continuing education credits?

Continuing education or professional development is required in many fields, including teachers, insurance professionals, interior designers/interior architects, lighting designers, architects, engineers, emergency management professionals, school administrators, educators, nurses, mental health professionals,

How many hours of continuing education do nurse practitioners need?

50 hours