Continuing education for rn license renewal

How do I get my free nursing CEUs?

For access to additional free CEU courses, check out,, and Nurse .com.

How long do you keep nursing CEUs?

two years

Do nurses need continuing education?

Once qualified, nurses have a duty to continue their education so that they can remain aware of and keep up to date with medical advancements and new research. Following up with education also offers nurses broader career opportunities; some nurses find themselves moving from a hospital job into research.

What counts as CEUs for nurses?

What is the difference between continuing education units ( CEUs ) and contact hours? The term “contact hour” is defined as 50 or 60 minutes of instruction in a board-approved nursing continuing education class or activity. One CEU equals ten contact hours.

How many CEUs is ACLS renewal?

8 CEUs

How do you get CEUs?

When calculating the number of CEUs for a course, the number of contact minutes must be totaled and divided by 60 to arrive at the number of contact hours, see figure 1. Total contact hours must then be divided by 10 to obtain the number of CEUs .

How many hours does 1 CEU equal?


How many CEUs per credit do you need for nursing?

15 contact hours every 2 years OR hold a current nationally recognized certification/recertification OR complete one college credit hour course in nursing with a grade of 2.0 or above. 30 contact hours every two years. 30 contact hours every two years. 30 contact hours every two years.

What is the difference between contact hours and CEUs?

One contact hour is equal to 50-60 minutes of actual clock time spent in a board-approved course or activity in the classroom with an instructor. One continuing education unit ( ceu ) or credit is equal to 10 contact hours ; meaning it requires 10 clock hours to complete.

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How many CEUs do I need to renew my RN license in California?

In the State of California, Registered nurses are required by law (California Code of Regulations, Section 1451 , Article 5) to complete 30 contact hours of continuing education every two years, in addition to paying the renewal fee, to maintain an active license.

Do BSN classes count as CEUs?

What is more consistent is that every 50-60 minutes of participation in a CE-approved activity is equal to one CE contact hour. For nursing -related courses taken in a college program, a semester course will earn you 15 contact hours, while a quarter course will count as 10 contact hours.

Do CEU credits expire?

For an active subscription, credits may be redeemed for up to two years (or depending on accrediting body) from the date the activity was completed.

What qualifies as a CEU?

According to the IACET: One Continuing Education Unit ( CEU ) is defined as 10 contact hours (1 hour = 60 minutes) of participation in an organized continuing education experience under responsible sponsorship, capable direction, and qualified instruction.

What is a Category A CEU?

Earn CEUs in Category A by attending a variety of educational events such as conferences, clinics, workshops, and symposia. CEUs are calculated as 0.1 per hour, with a maximum of 2.0 for any single event.

How many CEUs do you need per college credit?