Continuing education for pharmacists

Do Webinars count as live CE for pharmacists?

How do I process continuing education for these activities? After completion of a live webinar , subscribers will complete an evaluation on ASHP eLearning. After completion of these steps, subscribers can claim CE credit.

Is Pharmacy Times CE free?

Pharmacy Times Continuing Education is honoring our commitment to education by providing you with superior accredited activities completely free .

What is CE in pharmacy?

Continuing education ( CE ) is essential for CPhTs and CSPTs to stay up to date on the latest in pharmacy practice, expand their knowledge, and advance their professional growth.

Can pharmacy techs use Pharmacist CE?

Can I use CE for Pharmacists ? Pharmacy technicians who earned pharmacist -specific (P-specific) CE BEFORE January 1, 2015, may use those credits to recertify in 2015. But any credit earned as of January 1, 2015, MUST be Technician-specific (or T-specific).

How many CE hours do pharmacists need?

30 hours

Are Webcasts considered live CE?

Live Webcasts : The video webcast is a seminar with audio and video live -streamed directly to your computer. The live webcast format will either offer live CE credit (interactive) or self-study credit (home-study/independent), depending on the requirements of your licensing board.

How much is CE free?

What does membership cost and what does it include? A freeCE annual membership costs $89. This includes 12-months of unlimited access to all live and home study CE activities on freeCE , excluding specialty CE Series Certifications.

Is free CE legit?

Reviews about FreeCe .com I highly recommend this website. There are a lot of tests you can take for your profession. They let you know how many contact hours each class is accredited for. There is always live support if you need help.

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Where can I get free pharmacy tech ce?

The PTCB has free online continuing education on their website. Click the re-certification tab and a drop down menu will appear with Continuing Education as the bottom option. Get 10 hours of free pharmacy technician CE at your workplace.

How do you know if CE is legal?

Answer: ACPE Course identifiers in pharmacy law for pharmacists will end with “03P.” ACPE course identifiers in medication/patient safety for pharmacists will end with “05P.” ACPE course identifiers in drug therapy will end with “01 or “02.”

How long are CE credits good for?

24 months

What is a CSPT certification?

Certified Sterile Preparation Technician ( CSPT ) Program The CSPT credential demonstrates a CPhT’s commitment to medication safety by meeting the program’s high standards. “Ensuring that individuals working inside clean rooms are well trained is critical to achieving safety in sterile compounding.

Do continuing education credits expire?

For some professions, yes. CE expiration dates vary by licensing board. If an expiration date is not specifically listed for your profession, please contact your board directly to learn about its rules regarding CE credit expiration .

How much do pharmacy techs make at Target?

The typical Target Pharmacy Technician makes $14 per hour.

What is the value of continuing education for pharmacy technicians?

Satisfying the requirements of pharmacy technician continuing education helps you to keep current and maintain your skills and knowledge in the pharmacy industry. These classes must be completed before your certification expires.