Baldi’s basics in education and learning free

What’s the answer to Baldi’s impossible question?

By typing in the number “31718”, you will unlock the secret known as “This Is Where It All Began”, which teleports you to the test room used during the game’s creation.

Is Baldi basic free?

​Inspired by creepy/bad edutainment games from the 90s, Baldi’s Basics is a meta horror game that’s really weird, with no real educational value to be found. This game is fun, creepy, really weird, and free , so go ahead and check it out!

Where can I play Baldi?

What does the big ol boots do in Baldi?

The boots allow the Player to move at normal speed on Conveyor Belts. Also, they are not affected by Cloudy Copter’s wind and to escape whirlpools. And additionally, they are able to move freely when the Grappling Hook would normally pull them in the direction it was shot.

What is Playtimes real name?


What is Baldi’s real name?

Baldi , also known as Professor Baldi or with his possible full name Baldi Baldimore, is the titular main antagonist of the game, Baldi’s Basics In Education And Learning. Baldi is the teacher of the Here School, giving The Protagonist some math problems in order to get the notebooks.

Is Baldi basics safe?

Baldi’s basics is a good game but is quite hard for younger kids. The game is a horror game but also contains maths and if your kid loves video games but you want them to do some maths get them to play this.

Is Baldi a bad guy?

Baldi is the titular main antagonist of Baldi’s Basics in Education & Learning. He is a teacher who appears friendly and kind at first but gets angry and violent when the player gets his quiz questions wrong and smacks them with a ruler if he catches them.

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Why is Baldi’s basics a horror game?

McGonigal draws upon accidentally-unsettling visual elements of old educational games to create a disturbing world in Baldi’s Basics , and in doing so creates unease from a general sense of something being wrong, and not so much from a frightening creature stalking the player.

How old is mystman12?

He is a Christian, according to his Twitter bio. In one of the posts in his Twitter, he will be 99 years old in the year 2097. That means he was born in 1998.

How old is Baldi?


What platform is Baldi’s basics on?

Microsoft Windows Linux Macintosh operating systems Classic Mac OS

Who is cloudy copter?

Cloudy Copter is a poorly-modeled, levitating white cloud object with a shape faintly resembling a helicopter (hence his name). He has two round eyes each sporting some black dots as pupils, and a protruding mouth with six black whiskers to signify the blowing (these are commonly mistaken as whiskers).

How tall is Baldi?

Based on the scaling of Baldi’s ruler, tutor Baldi is about 6.7 feet (204.22 centimeters) tall , while angry Baldi is about 6.10 feet (185.93 centimeters) tall .

What does the clock do in Baldi’s basics?

The Alarm Clock in action. After using the item, the clock will be put down on the floor, and 30 seconds later, it will start ringing. Once it starts ringing, Baldi will become aware of it and begin moving towards it.