Az department of education

Who is over education in Arizona?

Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction

Superintendent of Public Instruction of Arizona
Incumbent Kathy Hoffman since January 7, 2019
Residence Phoenix, Arizona
Term length Four years, can serve two terms
Website State Website

Can you teach in Arizona without a teaching certificate?

New legislation signed into law in Arizona by Republican Gov. Doug Ducey (R) will allow teachers to be hired with no formal teaching training, as long as they have five years of experience in fields “relevant” to the subject they are teaching .

How long is an Arizona teaching certificate good for?

six years

How do I get an Arizona teaching license?

How to Get an Arizona Teaching Certificate Provide proof that you hold a bachelor’s degree. Hold a 3.0 GPA. Complete approved student- teaching hours. Receive a passing grade on required exams. Submit an Arizona Identity Verified Prints (IVP) fingerprint card. Submit application for teaching certification . Payment of all fees.

How many schools are in AZ?

2,267 schools

How many school districts are in Arizona?

230 school districts

What is the highest paying school district in Arizona?

Highest-paying Arizona school districts Chinle Unified School District : $70,720 average 2018-19 teacher salary. Baboquivari Unified School District: $66,505. Alpine Elementary School District : $65,369. Phoenix Union High School District : $64,218. Tempe Union High School District : $61,266.

How much do substitute teachers make in Arizona per day?

Typically in Arizona , the average pay for a substitute teacher is $106 per day , which is 7 percent below the national average.

What is required to be a substitute teacher in Arizona?

Arizona has a relatively easy path to certification for substitute teachers . In fact, no additional testing requirements are necessary , although you will need to hold a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university.

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Can I teach without a certificate?

Without certification , you cannot teach in public schools: it is your license to teach ! Before you enroll in an accredited degree program, you will want to make sure the program prepares you for teacher certification .

What state has the highest paid teachers?

New York

How many hours of professional development do teachers need in Arizona?


What is the highest paying job in Arizona?

Here’s a quick look at the top ten highest paying jobs in Arizona: Psychiatrists . Family Medicine Physicians . General Internal Medicine Physicians . Obstetricians and Gynecologists. Physicians , All Other; and Ophthalmologists, Except Pediatric. Dentists, General. Chief Executives. Dentists, All Other Specialists.

How do I get an emergency teaching certificate in Arizona?

There are two primary requirements that an individual must meet in order to obtain an Emergency Teaching Certificate . The first requirement is that an individual must hold a minimum of a bachelor’s degree from an accredited university and be able to provide official transcripts showing the completion of a degree .

What is a highly qualified teacher in Arizona?

You are highly qualified when you hold a bachelor’s degree and an Arizona certificate AND: Pass the AEPA Subject Knowledge Test; OR. Hold an advanced degree in the core academic subject area; OR. Hold NBC in the core academic subject area; OR. Have at least 24 hours in the core academic subject area; OR.