An athenian education focused on preparation for

What was the focus of Athenian education?

The main purpose of education in Ancient Athens was to make citizens trained in the arts, and to prepare them for both peace and war. It was aimed at the cultivation of the students’ physical, mental, and moral qualities.

What did the Athenians focus on?

Ancient Athenians were a thoughtful people who enjoyed the systematic study of subjects such as science, philosophy, and history, to name a few. Athenians placed a heavy emphasis on the arts, architecture, and literature. The Athenians built thousands of temples and statues that embodied their understanding of beauty.

How did Athens prepare for war?

ATHENIAN TRAINING In Athens , schools known as gymnasia were designed to develop the physiques of young boys in preparation for their roles as citizens and as soldiers. This training eventually came to include a two-year tour of duty at a garrison, or military post.

What were the Athenians known for?

Athens was the largest and most influential of the Greek city-states. It had many fine buildings and was named after Athena, the goddess of wisdom and warfare. The Athenians invented democracy, a new type of government where every citizen could vote on important issues, such as whether or not to declare war.

What is the difference between Spartan and Athenian education?

The Spartans had less education than Athens because they need to go to the army “ Sparta seemed to be content with themselves and provided their army whenever required” ( difference /Athens_vs_Sparta); in school they had physical education that was very hard.

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What are the aims of Spartan education?

What were the objectives of education in Ancient Sparta , and how did education prepare students for their roles in society? Spartans believed in a life of ‘discipline, self denial, and simplicity,’ and so the purpose of education was, simply, to produce an army. When babies were born, soldiers came to check the child.

Is Athens or Sparta better?

Sparta is far superior to Athens because their army was fierce and protective, girls received some education and women had more freedom than in other poleis. First, the army of Sparta was the strongest fighting force in Greece. This made Sparta one of the safest cities to live in.

What did Spartans value most?

The Spartans valued discipline , obedience, and courage above all else. Spartan men learned these values at an early age, when they were trained to be soldiers. Spartan women were also expected to be strong, athletic, and disciplined.

What is the significance of Sparta and Athens?

The two city-states that best represent each form of government were Sparta (oligarchy) and Athens (democracy). Athens focused more on culture, while Sparta focused more on war. The oligarchy structure in Sparta enabled it to keep war as a top priority.

Why did Athens lose the Peloponnesian War?

The destruction of Athens’s fleet in the Battle of Aegospotami effectively ended the war, and Athens surrendered in the following year. Corinth and Thebes demanded that Athens should be destroyed and all its citizens should be enslaved, but Sparta refused.

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What caused the fall of Athens?

Three major causes of the rise and fall of Athens were its democracy, its leadership, and its arrogance. The democracy produced many great leaders, but unfortunately, also many bad leaders. Their arrogance was a result of great leadership in the Persian Wars, and it led to the end of Athenian power in Greece.

Did Athens have a strong military?

During the Persian wars Athens developed a large, powerful navy in the eastern Mediterranean that destroyed the even larger Persian Navy at the Battle of Salamis. The Athenian Navy consisted of 80,000 crewing 400 ships. Its fleet was destroyed and empire lost during the Peloponnesian War.

What made Athens so powerful?

Athens developed democratic institutions and a culture of philosophy, science, and culture; it emerged as a powerful state and allied with other city-states, forming the Delian League. Resistance to Athens ‘ power among the other Greek city-states, particularly Sparta, prompted the Peloponnesian War.

Why did Sparta Not Destroy Athens?

First of all, as Sparta claimed, they spared them because of their great contribution during the Persian wars. In those wars Athens was one of the leaders of the coaliation and its men and ships helped won several battles that saved the Greek city-states, most notably Marathon and Salamis.

What was good about Athens?

Athens was the largest and most powerful Greek state. It was a city with lots of beautiful public buildings, shops and public baths. The people of Athens lived below the Acropolis (rocky hill). The marble Parthenon, a temple, (see picture above) was built on the highest part of the Acropolis.