Accreditation council for graduate medical education

Who accredits medical residency programs?

The Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) is the body responsible for accrediting all graduate medical training programs (i.e., internships, residencies , and fellowships, a.k.a. subspecialty programs ) for physicians in the United States.

What is a graduate medical education program?

Graduate Medical Education Programs are formal clinical educational and/or research programs for physicians who have completed their medical school requirements and have been awarded an M.D. or equivalent degree.

What does Acgme Accreditation mean?

ACGME accreditation provides assurance that a Sponsoring Institution or program meets the quality standards (Institutional and Program Requirements) of the specialty or subspecialty practice(s) for which it prepares its graduates.

What is accredited residency?

Accreditation of residency /fellowship programs and sponsoring institutions by the ACGME is a voluntary process of evaluation and review performed by a non-governmental agency of peers. The ACGME’s policies and standards support the ACGME mission.

What are the Acgme milestones?

Milestones are knowledge, skills, attitudes, and other attributes for each of the ACGME competencies that describe the development of competence from an early learner up to and beyond that expected for unsupervised practice.

What is an AOA residency?

For residency training, the AOA verifies successful completion of an ACGME training program before approving the training. The AOA is using customer surveys and online applications to improve the review process for applicants.

How is graduate medical education funded?

OVERVIEW OF GME FUNDING Most states support GME through their Medicaid programs, and some states provide other GME support through state-based programs such as loan repayment incentives to address health workforce shortages (Henderson, 2013; Pathman et al., 2012; Spero et al., 2013).

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What are the 6 Acgme core competencies?

The six ACGME Core Competencies are as follows: Practice-Based Learning and Improvement . Patient Care and Procedural Skills. Systems-Based Practice . Medical Knowledge . Interpersonal and Communication Skills . Professionalism .

What is DO vs MD?

The two degrees reflect different types of medical school training. MDs attend allopathic medical schools, while DOs attend osteopathic medical schools.

What is continued accreditation?

Continued accreditation status (also known as accreditation ) is granted to accredited programs that demonstrate conformity to the Standards. Accreditation status carries with it terms and responsibilities, including the submission of statistical and biennial narrative reports and, when called for, special reports.

What does Continued accreditation without outcomes mean?

Continued Accreditation without Outcomes : After the period of Initial Accreditation , the Review Committee may confer a status of Continued Accreditation without Outcomes to a new Sponsoring Institution or program holding Initial Accreditation or Initial Accreditation with Warning that, after a full site visit and

What is non Acgme?

Non-Accredited Program

Are Canadian residency programs Acgme accredited?

1 In September, 2012, ACGME adopted revisions to the Common Program Requirements , with an effective date of July 1, 2015, providing that prerequisite clinical education for entry into ACGME – accredited residency programs must be accomplished in ACGME – accredited residency programs or Royal College of Physicians and

When was Acgme established?