How To Use Word To Number Dissertation Page?

Formatting of Page Numbers for Theses and Dissertations in Microsoft Word You will find that doing this after you have produced an initial draft is the simplest thing to do, but you may create your page numbers ahead of time and then use this document to double-check the formatting.Place your pointer on the first page of the document (the Title page).To insert the plain number 2, choose to Insert > Page Number > Bottom of Page.

Including the Page Numbers in Your Work Click the arrow that is located next to the Page Number indicator in the Header & Footer Group of the Insert Ribbon. Then, pick the placement that you would want to use for the page number. Bottom of the Page is the option that is most frequently selected, followed by either Plain Number 2 (centre) or Plain Number 3 (right aligned).

Is a page number included on the title page of dissertation?

Keep in mind that the title page of a dissertation does not often carry the page numbers for the rest of the document.

How do you number the pages in a Word document?

The following procedures need to be followed in order to format the page numbering for the various parts.Simply click in the space between the two sections of your document that you wish to number in a different order.Click the Breaks button located under the Page Layout tab.After clicking OK, either click the Next Page, Even Page, or Odd Page button.Make sure you click in the very first part of your paper.