How To Cite Dissertation Apa Microsoft Word?

How to Cite a Dissertation Utilizing the APA Format: Examples and Formatting

Format Author last name, Initials. ( Year ). Di
Reference entry Ford, L. (2015). The use of experiential
In-text citation (Ford, 2015)

Standard format for citing a dissertation or thesis in a document.

  1. Author.
  2. Year (in brackets with rounded corners)
  3. Title (should be written in italics)
  4. Degree of Master’s Thesis or Doctoral Dissertation
  5. University, as well as immediately following the Level of Thesis, for example
  6. Name of the Database or Archive

How do I add citations to a source in APA?

  1. Simply choose your source from the list of citations that are currently available.
  2. You may repeat those processes in order to add any more sources that you require, as well as to position citations in the locations of your choosing.
  3. To update a source, go to the References tab, select Citations, and then click the settings button that is located in the bottom right corner of the Citations pane.

This will allow you to make changes to the source.

How do I insert a citation in a Microsoft Word document?

How to Include References to New Sources in Documents Created Using Microsoft Word To view the references, click the References tab in the ribbon (see figure 1). Choose the Insert Citation option from the Citations & Bibliography group’s drop-down menu.

How do I cite a reference in a paper?

To view your references, click the References tab in the ribbon. Figure 1. Tab for the References Choose the format of your citations by using the ″Style″ drop-down option located under the ″Citations & Bibliography″ category. Figure 2: The menu for the Citation Style option