How To Cite A Dissertation In Apa Style?

  1. Include all of the following components when citing a dissertation in a reference entry using the sixth version of the APA style guide: Those that authored the dissertation are as follows: Mention the surname in addition to your initials (for example, Watson, J.
  2. Include the year of publication between square brackets, followed by a period and a comma
  3. The only letters that are capitalized in the title of the dissertation are the initial letter of the first word and any proper nouns
  4. URL: Please include the whole URL for the location where the document may be obtained

Can I cite someone else’s dissertation or thesis in APA style?

When mentioning the dissertation or thesis of another individual in APA style, the structure for the citation changes depending on whether the dissertation or thesis is available from a database, published elsewhere (for example, on a university archive or personal website), or unpublished (only available in print form directly from the author or university).

How do I cite a dissertation or thesis from a database?

Use the following style to properly cite a dissertation or thesis that was obtained from a database. Include the sort of dissertation or thesis being worked on as well as the university in the appropriate square brackets. Similar to the case with other database sources, there is neither a URL nor a DOI provided. Author’s surname, followed by initials (Year).

Are published dissertation references covered in the APA Publication Manual?

The references that should be used for published dissertations or theses may be found in Section 10.6 of the APA Publication Manual, Seventh Edition. Following the publication of the 6th version, this instruction has been updated.

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How do you cite an author’s name in an APA citation?

After the initials, the author’s surname is added to the end of the citation.When referencing a dissertation or thesis in APA format, the author’s name that appears in the reference entry is a duplicate of the author’s name that appears in the byline of the publication.In general, the citation should keep the hyphenation and spelling of the author’s name the same way it was originally written.