Grand canyon university doctoral tuition

How much does tuition cost at GCU?

17 800 USD (2019 г. – 20)

Is Grand Canyon University free?

Apply for free to GCU and be accepted. Talk with your family and admissions counselor to select your preferred campus visit program. Your admissions counselor will help you to determine which program is right for you and your family, then guide you through the scheduling process.

How much does a masters degree cost at Grand Canyon University?

For academic year 2019-2020 the graduate school tuition & fees are $11,074 in average for all students. Grand Canyon University offers 67 graduate programs: 44 Master’s, 7 Doctorate, 16 Post-Master’s programs.

Is Grand Canyon University legitimate?

Grand Canyon University is also recognized as a legitimate , post-secondary education provider by both the Arizona State Board of Education and Council on Higher Education Accreditation (the U.S. Department of Education). Explore GCU’s stunning campus and join our ever-growing community of like-minded students.

What GPA do you need for GCU?


Is GCU a party school?

This school is not a good place for someone that is looking for parties and a lively city atmosphere, because it is a christian private school that stays close to its Baptist background.

What happens if you fail a class at GCU?

Grand Canyon University Class Action Challenges Non-Refundable Tuition Policy. If a student drops the course in the first week, that student will be charged at least 25 percent of the tuition. However, a student who fails to drop the course or withdraw after the first week will reportedly be ineligible for a refund.

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How much is a dorm at GCU?

Apartment Rates

Apartment Price
Single Occupancy $3,300 per semester
Single Occupancy – North Rim $3,150 per semester
Double Occupancy – North Rim $2,900 per semester
Studio Single Occupancy – Papago $2,900 per semester

Does GCU have a dress code?

The school has an extensive code of conduct, including a dress code aimed at modesty.

How much is a semester at GCU?

GCU On-Campus Tuition and Costs Grand Canyon University’s annual campus tuition rate is $16,500 for both in-state and out-of-state students. On-campus students pay an average of $7,700 for room and board and $1,600 in additional fees. Individual courses cost $687.50 per credit.

Does GCU offer full ride scholarships?

ROTC Scholarships If you are an eligible on-campus GCU student, you also have the opportunity to apply for an accessible and generous Army ROTC scholarship . These scholarships consist of: Full – tuition scholarships .

What is GCU known for?

However, if we had to narrow it down, we’d say that GCU is most known for : Christian values. Campus community. High-quality online degrees. NCAA Division I sports teams. New STEM degree programs. Helping to revitalize West Phoenix.

Is a degree from Grand Canyon University respected?

GCU is an accredited university so their degrees are accepted as legitimate everywhere. All their credits are transferable to other universities . Their programs are great intensive and challenging. While they aren’t a Princeton or Oxford, they are a reputable unbutton worth strong academic credentials.

Is a degree from GCU respected?

It’s difficult to be too hard on GCU when their degrees are accredited and do actually help you get a job. That being said it was a very poorly run program from start to finish. But the degree is NOT respected by anyone in education at all.

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Is GCU a diploma mill?

If it meets the standards to be regionally accredited then it is not a diploma mill . You can get financial aid etc as well. Now that you have your degree even if they miraculously lost their accreditation you sti hold a valid degree to be honored because it was a dept of education recognized program while YOU attended.