Doctoral student business card

Should graduate students have business cards?

Every graduate student should have business cards . You’re not just a student , you’re a researcher (and probably a teaching assistant as well). Even if you don’t have results yet, you’re going to have results in the future that people will need to hear about. And that’s where business cards can help.

What to put on a business card if you are a student?

Contact information should be the main focus on college students ‘ business cards and should include: name, phone number and e-mail address . “ If you want, you can include ‘NYU class of 2011’, or you can include what field you ‘re in, such as ‘marketing professional’,” says Pollak.

Should PhD be on business card?

As a rule of thumb, I would omit the degree from your business card unless it’s important for your credibility (i.e., the skills from your PhD are professionally important and people would otherwise assume you don’t have them).

How do you abbreviate PhD on a business card?

In English, PhD can be written with or without periods; both are correct. The trend today is to drop periods with abbreviations of academic degrees. However, many sources, including the Canadian Oxford Dictionary, still recommend the use of periods: Ph.

What should not be on a business card?

A weak business card design comes across as unprofessional, driving away people who could be a great fit your services. 1. Missing obvious contact information Business name. Personal name. Job title/specialization. Business website. Business address. Phone number. Email address. Social media handles.

What do you put on a business card if you are unemployed?

Or: what do you put on a business card if you ‘re unemployed ? The same things you would see on employer-provided business cards : your name, job title, phone number, email address, etc. as listed above, except that none of the information mentioned should come from an employer.

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Do you say DR and PhD?

I ‘m sure this must have been dealt with in previous questions, but the short answer is: This is correct if you are both a medical doctor and an academic doctor . But just being an academic allows you to write Dr . (name) XOR (name) PhD .

Should I write DR or PhD?

In formal speech, that person should be referred to as “ doctor .” However, the rules are different in written form when addressing someone who is called “ doctor ” in formal speech. In written form, the titles “ Dr .” and “Ph. D.” are not interchangeable.

Can PhD put Dr title?

Yes, when you receive a doctorate , people may address you as “ Dr . Jane Does ”. However, when you sign your name, it should be “Jane Does , PhD ”. If you stay in the academic world, you may become Professor Does .

How do you write PhD title?

PhD , or PhD .D. In English, PhD . can be written with or without periods; both are correct. The trend today is to drop periods with abbreviations of academic degrees. Ph. D. When you are addressing a person with a doctoral degree , it is considered more polite to use the title . Dr. or the academic abbreviation.

How do you list qualifications on a business card?

Listing Qualifications on Your Business Card For instance, if you are an accountant, mentioning your qualification on your business card will add value. So, you can place it right after your name, separating it with a comma. Like, John Doe, CPA.

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How do you write Ed D after a name?

In that case, you can address the letter using the person’s first and last name . You may also to asked to address correspondence with their degree following the name (“James Jones, Ed . D .”), in which case, follow the person’s preference.