Why Was Rik Scarce, A Doctoral Student At Washington State University, Placed In Jail In 1993?

Rik Scarce, a sociologist who had been imprisoned since the middle of May for refusing to answer questions from a grand jury on the animal liberation movement, was ordered to be released by Fremming Nielsen of the United States District Court in Spokane.

Which of the following was a common criticism of Exxon’s actions after the 1989 Valdez disaster?

Which of the following is NOT a popular complaint leveled against Exxon’s behavior following the tragedy at the Valdez oil spill in 1989? Exxon does not voluntarily contribute money to research projects examining long-term environmental consequences or technology for cleaning up pollution.

Which term was used by Max Weber to refer to the objectivity of sociologists in the interpretation of data?

Value neutrality. Max Weber pushed sociologists to conduct their research in a value-neutral manner by ensuring that their own sentiments did not affect how they interpreted the data. Value neutrality refers to the absence of value judgments in research. This was Weber’s word for the sociologists’ ability to remain objective when interpreting the facts.

What type of sample is specifically used for gathering information about clandestine?

What kind of samples are taken expressly for the purpose of acquiring information on covert organizations or organizations that are difficult to identify? research based on ethnography

What research measure provides consistent results?

Reliable. The use of a study measure that produces reliable results is something that is taken into consideration. the precise measurement of the phenomena that is being investigated. What we mean by validity is. control variable.

Why do sociologists conduct a review of the literature?

An overview of prior research on a subject is presented in the form of a ″literature review,″ which analyzes, categorizes, and contrasts the many works that have already been published on a certain subject. It enables the author to synthesize the relevant research and scholarly literature, as well as situate it within context.

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What conclusion did the National Bureau of Economic research?

What kind of findings did the National Bureau of Economic Research come to regarding the participation of homosexuals and lesbians in sociological research? The majority of studies have a tendency to underestimate the number of homosexuals and lesbians living in a population. You just learned 26 terms!

What did Max Weber believe in?

Max Weber is well-known for his theory that the ″Protestant ethic,″ or the apparently Protestant virtues of hard labor, economy, efficiency, and orderliness, led to the economic success of Protestant groups in the early phases of European capitalism. This theory has become widely accepted.

Why do sociologists use scientific methods of study in their investigations?

The scientific method, known for its methodical approach, has been shown to be helpful in the development of sociological investigations.In order to investigate a social issue in an objective and consistent manner, the scientific method offers a logically structured and well-organized sequence of procedures that may be followed.They make it possible to achieve accuracy, reliability, and validity in research.

Why do sociologists use percentages means modes and medians to conduct their research?

Why do sociologists conduct their study using different statistical measures such as percentages, means, modes, and medians? The scientific method is helpful for analyzing statements of fact since it adheres to stringent standards for establishing whether or not claims are truthful. Which of the following best represents the method that is used in science?

What might a sociologist say about people’s selection of marriage partners?

What are some of the things a sociologist could have to say regarding how people choose their spouses? In most cases, people marry somebody who are in a comparable socioeconomic standing to themselves. Which academic field describes itself as ″the methodical study of human society″?

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Which theoretical perspective would suggest that if an aspect of social life does not contribute to a society’s stability then it does not serve a useful function?

The following terms are included in this category: (10) Which sociological approach would argue that a component of social life does not serve any meaningful role if it does not contribute to the stability of a society? Auguste Comte.

What is an attempt to explain problems actions or behavior in a comprehensive manner?

The term ″theory″ refers to any attempt to explain issues, activities, and behavior in a manner that is both comprehensive and coherent. The phrase ″significant other″ is referred to as. This is a word used by George Herbert Mead to refer to those people who play the most significant role in the formation of the self.

Which identifies the most widely used research method among sociologists?

The survey is the research method that is employed the most frequently for data collection in the field of sociology. care must be made to ensure that surveys are sent to the appropriate quantity and profile of respondents (Black, 1998; Wysocki, 2003). The persons who were questioned by the researchers are referred to as populations and samples by the researchers.

Why do scientists try to find evidence that our conclusions are wrong quizlet?

Why do scientists spend so much time looking for proof that our findings are incorrect? In order to assist us in identifying additional possible explanations for what we noticed, we need your assistance. for the purpose of avoiding confirmation bias.

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Which of the following best describes the difference between how sociologists and historians study history?

Which of the following is the most accurate description of the way in which sociologists and historians approach the study of history? Sociologists look at differences in time and place to make sense of bigger patterns, whereas historians typically specialize in a certain era or location in order to become specialists in their field.