How Many Citations Should A Dissertation Have?

According to this interpretation, a dissertation that was 300 pages long should not have utilized more than 150 references. The amount is going to change depending on how long the dissertation is going to be. The greater the amount of references, the less unique the work is and the less creativity is shown as a result of such references.

How many references do I need for my dissertation?

But everything hinges on your thesis, as well as the accessibility of the materials and a number of other elements. One sample dissertation that was ranked first had around 33 references, while another example that I looked at and ranked top also had 91 references; however, the majority of these references were links to websites.

How many citations is normal for a master thesis?

On the other hand, the overall amount of citations that are deemed to be standard for a study is of greater importance to me (to be more specific, a Master Thesis, which in my case will be around 60 pages of content.) According to what I’ve heard, a fair quantity of references listed would be about one to one and a half times the number of pages.

What is an example of a reference in a dissertation?

For instance, if you are planning on writing a dissertation that is pertinent to an area that is relatively new and only a small number of literary pieces and academic works have been published, you will discover just a small number of resources to include in the references list of the dissertation.

How many resources to be used in 10 000 words dissertation?

Because there are 40 pages in a dissertation that is 10,000 words long, the total number of materials that need to be employed in a mathematics dissertation that is 10,000 words long is between 40 and 80. On a single page of an economics dissertation, the typical range for the number of sources to be utilized is between two and three.