How Do You Wear A Doctoral Hood?

Put your hand under the part of the hood that rests on your neck, and then slowly and gently bring it up and over your head so that it rests on your shoulders. Make any necessary adjustments around your neck and shoulders. The hood should be worn such that it is wrapped across the neck as well as the shoulders, with the majority of the hood dropping down the back.

What hoods should I wear with my PhD gown?

Hoods worn as part of academic attire. Hoods for use in conjunction with doctoral and PhD robes. On the left, a PhD hood is shown above a luxurious doctoral gown (with black velvet). To the right, a luxurious doctoral hood over a doctoral gown (with PhD blue velvet).

How to wear an academic hood?

In contrast to most hoods, academic hoods are designed to drape around the neck and hang low on the back of the wearer. It is possible that correctly donning these hoods will be the most challenging aspect of the graduation ceremony.

What does a doctoral degree recipient wear?

  1. A graduate who receives a doctoral degree wears the same regalia as a graduate who receives a master’s degree, with the exception of the gown, which is made entirely of silk and comes in either black or scarlet, with the option to wear a cloth gown.
  2. In place of the flat-topped mortarboard that is worn with Bachelor’s and Master’s gowns, a black Tudor bonnet is worn as the headpiece with a Doctoral hood.
  3. A Doctoral hood is made entirely of silk.

What color should my Hood be for my degree?

  1. For instance, if you earned a Doctorate in Psychology, the color gold would be included in your academic hood colors; but, if you earned a PhD in Psychology, the color dark blue would be used.
  2. If you are unclear whether your degree is a Doctorate or a PhD, please contact your administrative adviser so that they may identify your exact degree title and the appropriate academic regalia hood colors for you.