What Is Doctoral Identity?

″Who one is″ or ″who one sees in the mirror″ are both acceptable ways to describe ″identity.″ When a person enrolls in a PhD program, they begin to develop a new identity, which is commonly referred to as the ″doctoral identity.″ All of these people—mentors, instructors, family, coworkers, and members of the cohort—play an important part in the development of the doctoral identity.

Is the PhD a process of becoming or belonging?

Barbara Kamler and Pat Thomson, in their article on the writing required for a doctorate, refer to the PhD process as being one of ″both becoming and belonging.″ It appears to me that the above description is accurate.

What is it like to do a PhD?

During the course of your PhD studies, you will learn not only how to do research but also how to function as a member of the academic community. You may also gain insight into how your academic and non-academic selves are distinct from one another. A PhD is a trip that will take you through many highs and lows, but ultimately it is a journey that you will have to pursue on your own.

What are the challenges of being a PhD student?

PhD candidates are consequently forced to contend with the dual, and possibly even conflicting, problems of being creative while still complying to standards at the same time.By agreeing to engage in the conventions of the PhD process under the norms and regulations of academia when you accepted an institution’s offer of a seat as a PhD student at that institution, you have committed to participate in the PhD process.