How To Update Table Of Contents Uf Dissertation?

  1. Bringing the Table of Contents up to date. On the References tab, select the option to ″Update Table″
  2. This will bring up a conversation window. To guarantee that any changes you make are reflected accurately in the contents, select the ″Update Entire Table″ option.

Scroll down to the section labeled ″Table of Contents″ (TOC), where you may make the necessary changes.You may right-click your mouse pointer on any of the items in the table of contents by scrolling through the document.Note: Users of Macintosh computers who only have one mouse button need to hold down the CTRL key and click once on any of those TOC entries in order to navigate the table of contents.

How do I update the table of contents?

Your document’s table of contents provides an overview of the headers as well as the page numbers for each section. You may make changes to it whenever you like by right-clicking on it and selecting the Update field option from the context menu that appears. If you click on the table of contents once it has been added to your document, you will see that it changes color and becomes gray.