Why Do Students Engage In Plagiarism?

The following are the most often claimed reasons why students choose to plagiarize or cheat, taken as a group. a strong desire to achieve academic success

Why do students plagiarize and not get caught?

Some kids are simply so confident that they don’t feel they will be caught plagiarizing in the future. Typically, such pupils do not plagiarize in order to obtain a good mark; rather, they do it just because they can. Students with such arrogance are nothing new. For example, in 2002, CNN revealed the results of a poll on students who cheated.

Who is most targeted by plagiarism?

Apathy is the most formidable adversary for many pupils.In the end, however, it is these students who will be the most heavily scrutinized as a result of increased plagiarism enforcement.Increasing the risk is intended to encourage schools to take a greater interest in the situation.However, it does not appear to be effective, since only a small number of pupils still anticipate to get caught.

Why is attribution and citation important to avoid plagiarism?

There are occasions when pupils may not comprehend how authors employ the thoughts and language of others. Understanding the difference between attribution and citation is a critical skill for preventing plagiarism. A colleague requested students to create a map of the location of To Kill a Mockingbird, which they did admirably.