How To Write Discussion Section In Dissertation?

How to compose the chapter on the topic

  1. First, summarize the problem you’re trying to solve and the questions you have about it.
  2. Step 2: Compile a summary of your most important results
  3. The next step is to interpret the results.
  4. Step 4: Recognize the constraints that were placed on your research.
  5. Step 5: Make recommendations for future research and for the application of existing research
  6. Provide a concluding summary in the sixth and last step

How do you start a discussion section?

An effective discussion section will contain an examination of any findings that were unexpected. This paragraph need to begin with a description of the unexpected finding, followed by a brief analysis of why you feel it emerged, and, if required, an examination of its potential relevance in connection to the broader research.

How do you structure a discussion?

A Few Examples of Successful Conversations:

  1. Please provide a clear and succinct summary of the most important findings.
  2. Recognize when there is a possibility that a theory is wrong.
  3. Put your research into the perspective of other research that has been done.
  4. Discuss possible avenues for further research
  5. At the end of the manuscript, you should provide the reader with a ″take-away″ statement.

What should be written in discussion of thesis?

The discussion portion of your thesis should include an explanation and interpretation of your results in the context of your thesis question and the literature review. It should also discuss the implications of those results, acknowledge any limitations those results may have, and provide recommendations. You are able to construct an argument to support the conclusion you have drawn.

What do you put in the discussion section of a research paper?

One of the last parts of a research report is called the discussion section, and it is in this area that the author summarizes, analyzes, and interprets their results. They analyze the importance of those results and relate the whole thing to the issue that was asked in the research (s).

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How do you write a discussion for a literature review?

Including a Literature Review in the Sections on Introduction and Discussion

  1. Set the stage for the discussion
  2. Determine the importance of the research
  3. Give a summary of the research that pertains to this topic
  4. Create a setting for the study by referring to the relevant previous research
  5. Find the gaps in your knowledge
  6. Describe how the study will contribute to our overall understanding of the subject

What is an example of discussion?

When two or more individuals who disagree with one another decide to sit down and speak it out in order to better understand each other’s perspectives, this would be an example of a conversation. Discussion or argument pertaining to a certain subject or issue. After that, there was a lengthy debate on whether or not to capitalize nouns like ″east.″

How do you write a discussion and results section?


  1. Avoid duplicating previous findings
  2. Order from easiest to most difficult (leading up to the conclusion)
  3. Alternatively, you might declare the conclusion first
  4. It is important that the conclusion be in line with the study’s aims and the research issue.
  5. Put more emphasis on anything that is new, distinctive, or particularly significant about your results
  6. Think about the possibility of other explanations for the results
  7. Limit speculation

What is the discussion method?

The term ″discussion methods″ refers to a variety of different forums that allow for an open-ended, collaborative exchange of ideas between a teacher and students or among students for the purpose of advancing students’ thinking, learning, problem-solving abilities, comprehension, or literary appreciation. Discussion methods can be used by either the teacher or the students themselves.

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How many words should a discussion be?

In most cases, the ″Discussion″ section’s length shouldn’t be longer than the total length of the other parts (the ″introduction,″ ″material and methods,″ and ″results″), and it should be finished within six to seven paragraphs. Because of this, it is necessary to count the words more than once in order to ensure that each paragraph does not exceed the allotted word count of 200.

How do you write a discussion and analysis?

  • First, provide an explanation of the purpose of the research, and then move on to discuss the factors that motivated you, as the researcher, to investigate the topic.
  • It is important to provide an explanation of the significance behind the findings since not all readers will be able to comprehend the interpretation of the graphs and charts as readily as those who work in the same industry as you.

What goes in the results section of a dissertation?

Components that make up the results chapter of the dissertation

  1. The information that is displayed on graphs, charts, and tables
  2. The placing of information within its proper context
  3. Information that is very important in relation to the participants or responses
  4. Information essential to answering the research questions
  5. The material that was obtained from secondary sources is analyzed, and conclusions are formed as a result.

How do you write a discussion in a report?

How to Approach Writing a Discussion in the Scientific Field

  1. Do a brief summary of your findings and explain how they should be interpreted in the context of the existing scientific literature
  2. Do Make Sure to Explain Why Your Results Are Important
  3. Do Take Responsibility for the Limitations of the Study
  4. It is important to discuss any potential future directions.
  5. Make a Choice Between Using the Active Voice and the Passive Voice
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How do you start a discussion for a research paper?

  • In the beginning, you should quickly restate the research problem that you were studying, and then you should answer all of the research questions that were presented in the introduction that were related to the topic.
  • Describe the recurring themes, fundamental ideas, and interrelationships that are highlighted by each of the most significant discoveries, and put them into the appropriate context.

Is discussion and conclusion the same?

The results or findings are explained and interpreted in the Discussion section by comparing them to the results of earlier investigations. The task of writing the results of the study and studies in a condensed form is known as CONCLUSION.

How do you write a discussion and conclusion for a research paper?

To begin, please summarize the overarching goal of this investigation. Next, discuss the significance of the primary finding in light of the overarching objectives of the study. Next, provide a brief summary of any further intriguing discoveries from the section on the outcomes. Describe the significance of the statistical findings in light of the objectives of the study.