How To Write A Discussion Section For Dissertation?

Guidelines for composing the discussion portion of a dissertation: the topic at hand You are only allowed to discuss the findings that are contained in the chapter that you dedicated to the outcomes. When writing this part, be sure to use the present tense, especially when talking about the facts that are already known.

How to compose the chapter on the topic

  1. First, summarize the problem you’re trying to solve and the questions you have about it.
  2. Step 2: Compile a summary of your most important results
  3. The next step is to interpret the results.
  4. Step 4: Recognize the constraints that were placed on your research.
  5. Step 5: Make recommendations for future research and for the application of existing research
  6. Provide a concluding summary in the sixth and last step

What are the steps of writing a dissertation discussion chapter?

What are the stages involved in writing the discussion chapter of a dissertation? . Give an account that summarizes your results. 2. Analysis and Context of the Results Give Suggestions for Additional Research to Be Carried Out Are diagrams such as graphs and charts acceptable for the discussion chapter of the dissertation?

How to write an irresistible dissertation discussion section?

Stay right here and I’ll show you the secret to writing a discussion part for your dissertation that no one can resist. 1. Provide a Synopsis of the Most Important Results: There is some truth to the old adage that one’s initial impression may shape their whole experience. It makes no difference if this is the very first chapter or the very last chapter.

What are the findings and discussion sections of a dissertation?

The findings of the dissertation, together with the discussion sections (This page was last updated on March 2, 2020) Depending on how you like to write, the results and discussion portions of your dissertation could be the most satisfying parts to work on overall.At this point in the process, you really have the opportunity to write about what you have done, rather than what others have stated about your topic area.

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How do you write a discussion section for a research paper?

Your conversation might be structured around major ideas, questions for further investigation, or hypotheses.You may use the same approach for the part that discusses your results if you like.The following are a few incredible places to start with your interpretations section: In contradiction to the suggested causal relationship..The findings cast doubt on the assertions made by ABC (year) that.

How do you structure a discussion?

An effective discussion section will contain an examination of any findings that were unexpected. This paragraph need to begin with a description of the unexpected finding, followed by a brief analysis of why you feel it emerged, and, if required, an examination of its potential relevance in connection to the broader research.

How do you start a discussion section?

In the beginning, you should quickly restate the research problem that you were studying, and then you should answer all of the research questions that were presented in the introduction that were related to the topic.Describe the recurring themes, fundamental ideas, and interrelationships that are highlighted by each of the most significant discoveries, and put them into the appropriate context.

What should be written in discussion of thesis?

In the discussion portion of your thesis, you will need to provide explanations and interpretations of your results in the context of your thesis question and the literature review.Additionally, you will need to discuss the implications of these results, acknowledge any limitations they may have, and provide recommendations.You are able to construct an argument to support the conclusion you have drawn.

How long does it take to write a discussion section?

One of them is to set aside at least half an hour every day, or 3.5 hours per week, for the purpose of writing a text. This amount of time is sufficient for finishing a manuscript within a few weeks, which is typically regarded to be a considerable period of time gap.

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What is an example of discussion?

When two or more individuals who disagree with one another decide to sit down and speak it out in order to better understand each other’s perspectives, this would be an example of a conversation. Discussion or argument pertaining to a certain subject or issue. After that, there was a lengthy debate on whether or not to capitalize nouns like ″east.″

How do you write a discussion and results section?


  1. Avoid duplicating previous findings
  2. Order from easiest to most difficult (leading up to the conclusion)
  3. Alternatively, you might declare the conclusion first
  4. It is important that the conclusion be in line with the study’s aims and the research issue.
  5. Put more emphasis on anything that is new, distinctive, or particularly significant about your results
  6. Think about the possibility of other explanations for the results
  7. Put an end to the rumors

What is a discussion section?

One of the last parts of a research report is called the discussion section, and it is in this area that the author summarizes, analyzes, and interprets their results. They analyze the importance of those results and relate the whole thing to the issue that was asked in the research (s).

How do you write a discussion for a literature review?

Including a Literature Review in the Sections on Introduction and Discussion

  1. Set the stage for the discussion
  2. Determine the importance of the research
  3. Give a summary of the research that pertains to this topic
  4. Create a setting for the study by referring to the relevant previous research
  5. Find the gaps in your knowledge
  6. Describe how the study will contribute to our overall understanding of the subject

How long should discussions be?

The goal of around 1500 words is a decent rule of thumb to follow. When a conversation goes on for too long, the reader frequently loses track of the primary takeaway from the investigation. Therefore, in order to maintain the interest of the reader and provide an argument that is compelling, an endeavor should be made to be as succinct as is feasible.

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What goes in the results section of a dissertation?

Components that make up the results chapter of the dissertation

  1. The information that is displayed on graphs, charts, and tables
  2. The placing of information within its proper context
  3. Information that is very important in relation to the participants or responses
  4. Information essential to answering the research questions
  5. The material that was obtained from secondary sources is analyzed, and conclusions are formed as a result.

How do you write a discussion and analysis?

First, provide an explanation of the purpose of the research, and then move on to discuss the factors that motivated you, as the researcher, to investigate the topic.It is important to provide an explanation of the significance behind the findings since not all readers will be able to comprehend the interpretation of the graphs and charts as readily as those who work in the same industry as you.

What is the discussion section of a lab report?

The reader should be provided with an explanation of the importance of the results, and the discussion section should include a full account of what occurred throughout the experiment. Conduct an analysis of what took transpired, taking into account the hypothesis and the goals of the experiment. Investigate the factors that led to the erroneous results if they were found to exist.

How long is a thesis discussion?

According to estimates provided by editors at a writing website, it takes around 60–70 pages. It is dependent on the study that you do and the subject. In point of fact, it makes no difference how long it is.