How Prevalent Is Plagiarism On College Campuses?

Plagiarism is becoming an increasingly huge issue on college campuses, and it has become a habit for the majority of students. Students on more than 60 schools were asked to take part in a poll that revealed that 70 percent of those who took part admitted to cheating, according to the article ″The Plagiarism Plague.″

Is plagiarism on the rise in college students?

According to a Pew Research Center study of college presidents conducted in 2011, the vast majority (55 percent) stated that plagiarism in student papers had grown over the preceding ten years as a result of the proliferation of Internet websites, blogs, and social media sites.

How do professors check for plagiarism in paper?

First and foremost, most college lecturers should make use of a tool called Turnitin to prevent plagiarism. After scanning the text for any frequent word pairs, the software next runs the document through several papers that have been ran through the same algorithm in previous runs. It will hold the student more accountable for his or her decisions about plagiarism.

Why do students not use anti-plagiarism software?

Some students have not fully grasped the meaning of quotations and have submitted an assignment without acknowledging that they did not properly acknowledge their sources. The most serious problem with anti-plagiarism software is that it is unable to distinguish between accidental and deliberate plagiarism.

What are the disciplinary actions for plagiarism?

Plagiarism can result in disciplinary punishment such as receiving a zero on a paper, being dismissed from a class or college, or even facing legal action against the individual who committed the plagiarism.